Declutter your wardrobe with ease

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Declutter your wardrobe with ease

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• Edit a little at a time. Each month, go through one category – sweaters, jeans, skirts – and get rid of pieces you no longer wear. Sorting each section separately will keep you on track and make the task of organizing your wardrobe seem less daunting.

• Try to keep a year-round wardrobe in your closet rather than storing out-of-season items elsewhere. This will force you to keep your wardrobe lean and limited to pieces you actually wear. Bonus: you can donate any excess.

• Think practical.
Clothes should fit properly, be comfortable and suit your lifestyle. There is no point in keeping pieces in your closet that don't work with your daily life and demands.

• Arrange items so that you can see them. Visibility is important. If you can't see something, you'll forget about it and won't wear it.

• Don't hang on to something in the hope that it will come back into fashion. When fashion items from the past come into favour again, they have been slightly altered and updated. For example, blazers are back, but now they're cropped and fitted, as opposed to the longer, generous cuts that were popular in the 1980s. Keep only classics.

Trends that come back return evolved, modernized, and the old items never look quite right.

• We've all heard the rule – if you haven't worn something in a year, throw it out. If that seems a bit rash to you, consider discarding (or giving away) pieces that you haven't worn in two or three years. There must be a reason that you haven't worn them. Consider the reason when editing your wardrobe.

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Declutter your wardrobe with ease