Fashion advice from Meghan Markle

Fashion advice from Meghan Markle

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Fashion advice from Meghan Markle

Canadian clothing retailer Reitmans caused a stir last summer when the company announced Meghan Markle, an American by birth, as its new brand ambassador. Though she hails from Los Angeles, Meghan says she feels like an honorary Canadian because of the time she spends in Toronto filming the TV series Suits. Frankly, we can't think of anyone better to reinvigorate the Reitmans brand. Meghan is smart, funny and hell-bent on enjoying life as an actor (check out her lifestyle website, Not only that, she's making a difference as a UN Women's advocate, where she supports women's leadership and political participation. Meghan chatted with us about her love of fashion and women's empowerment.

How does your style compare with your character's on Su its ?
Rachel is polished and classic. I love monochromatic outfits, so Rachel's wardrobe reflects that. The biggest difference between Rachel's wardrobe and mine is that I'm a California girl, so my clothes have a more relaxed quality.

Why collaborate with Reitmans?
So often, I have young women come up to me and say, "Oh, my God, I love what Rachel wore on last week's episode. Where do I get that skirt?" And when I say it's a $3,000 Prada skirt, I can see how disappointed they are—it's not attainable. Now, people see me wearing great clothes in my campaigns and they can get them at Reitmans. That feels really cool to me.

What's the best styling tip you've ever received?
Tailor it. Make it fit your body. I don't care if you buy a $40 blazer; if tailored properly, it's going to look like a $1,000 blazer.

What do you love about working on your website, The Tig?
I write pieces on self-empowerment and women's rights, and I put them in the beauty section. I don't see beauty and empowerment as separate things. My work with UN Women spawned from The Tig. I made a speech about gender equality in front of thousands of people. It's exciting to see the impact, especially on young women.

"This is my walking-the-dog or going-to-brunch coat. It feels cozy but still styled." Parka, $130,

"I do a mask at least once a week because my hair gets put through the wringer on set." Oribe Masque, $66,

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This article was originally published in the January 2016 issue of Canadian Living magazine.

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Fashion advice from Meghan Markle