How to make your panty hose last longer

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How to make your panty hose last longer

Ready to show a little leg? Wearing a short skirt makes your legs the stars of your outfit. And hosiery is the key to pulling the whole look together. Since panty hose can make a substantial dint in your clothing budget, it makes sense to buy quality merchandise and take proper care of it. Here's what you should consider:

1. Proper fit is important
If panty hose are too large, they will snag more easily. If they are too small, they can "pop" from undue stress. Find the brand that gives you the best fit and stick to it. One-size-fits-all types are for women of average dimensions. If you are extraordinarily short, tall or heavy, these are not your best buy.

2. Sizing charts are only guidelines
If your measurements fall between two sizes, choose the larger one.

3. Styles with a reinforced heel, toe, crotch and panty section are more resistant to runs than toe-to-waist sheers
And although the sheerer the hose, the more likely they are to run, ultrasheer is the only way to go with holiday and party wear.

4. When handling or laundering, remove jewelry (rings and bracelets) that could cause snags
Rough hands and nails can snag hose as easily as jewelry. It's a good idea at least to use hand cream before handling panty hose. Super-smooth legs are also a must. Try the Gillette for Women Venus razor (available at drugstores) for an extraclose yet comfy shave, followed by Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse, a light, dry-oil moisturizing spray (available at select Sears stores). Your panty hose will practically glide over your oh-so-silky-soft skin.

5. To put on hose, sit down
Gather one entire leg in both hands. Slip foot in so hose is smooth over your foot and ankle. Repeat for other foot. Alternating from side to side, draw pantyhose up to the knees. Stand up. Ease over hips up to waist, making sure panty hose is stretched to full length.

6. Hand-wash your pantyhose, especially ultrasheers.
Use warm or hot water and a mild soap or detergent. Make sure the detergent doesn't contain chlorine bleach, which could damage fibres and remove colour.

If you prefer to machine-wash and dry, the best way is to place each pair of panty hose in a gauze bag. Use gentle wash cycle.

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How to make your panty hose last longer