Eyewear trends: 8 bold eyeglasses

Eyeglasses don't have to be boring. Here are 8 bold eyeglasses that are sure to get you noticed.

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1. Patterned eyeglasses

Retro cat-eyes, the studious tortoiseshell, the brooding browline, the futuristic frameless—the number of eyeglass designs is endless. Add in a rainbow of colours and it becomes impossible to pick just one pair. But that’s all right with us. A wardrobe of glasses means you’ll always have frames for any event: cat-eyes with diamond studs for a night out, aviators for an afternoon perusing bookstores. Move those contact refills into storage and say hello to on-trend specs.

Wissing, $395, josephson.ca.
Valentino, $150, clearlycontacts.ca.

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