How to deal with girdle disasters

Have you ever had a Spanx disaster? A shapewear calamity? A waist-cincher situation? It happens to the best of us. Our readers share their greatest girdle disasters and make a case for letting it all hang loose.

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L. Gilbert says:
One night we had a fancy party to go to and I brought myself a new dress for the evening. I put on my girdle (that I'd had for over 10 years) and got my dress on. All set for a nice evening out. I got to the party and sat down, and there was a ripping sound. It sounded like I had farted. I didn't say any thing but I felt this cold air. Only later that night I had notice that my girdle has ripped in the bum area and my whole butt was exposed. I guess I had put on a little weight over those ten years and this girdle was a little too tight.

Rose says:
On one of my first few dates with my husband-to-be, he took me out to a very elegant French restaurant. Now, understand I was slim then, but I still wanted to wear this lovely little dress that would give me the appearance of having a Scarlet O'Hara wasp-like waist. My "friends" found me the girdle from hell, which had five rows of hooks up the back so that you could cinch it in very tight. With their help I managed to get it on, and then with my hot little dress on I was the picture of beauty that I had always dreamed of. Then my future husband arrived. I glided out to the car and then with great difficulty sat down. I realized this thing was going to be very difficult to sit in for a whole evening. It was torture! But I tried to put on what I hoped was a lovely smile to match my gorgeous figure in my gorgeous dress. It was going to be so worth it, I rationalized.

After a few drinks, I needed to use the ladies' room. I glided tipsily to bathroom, before I realized I was not going to be able to use the washroom with the girdle on! I had to completely strip! Then I tried to put the contraption back on, but my girlfriends weren't there to help me this time! I would have to put the dress on without the girdle. I put it on but I couldn't do up the zipper without the girdle on. I broke down and cried. There weren't any cell phones back then, there was no way of calling anyone for help and I was not going to go out in the restaurant half naked!

I must have been in there for about ten minutes when a kind older angel walked in and asked me what the problem was. I told her what had happened and how I could not fit into the dress or put on the girdle without help. She said she would see what she could do.

So here I was, with this kind stranger cinching up my girdle over my naked backside. But with a lot of effort the dress finally zipped up.

I was in that bathroom for nearly half an hour and my boyfriend was worried sick that I had walked out on him! Yes, I told him – but not until after we were married. No I never wore a girdle again, even though I was a wee bit tempted for my wedding, but only for one insane moment.

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