Spring 2012 fashion trends: What to wear

From lively colours to pretty floral patterns, the spring 2012 fashion trends invite you to refresh your wardrobe and step into the season with style.

What are the top fashion trends of spring 2012?
Ah, spring. How we've missed you. Your highly anticipated arrival means we've survived another winter and it's time to turn our thoughts to the delights of spring: fresh, warm air; birds in song; flowers in bloom. And of course – a lighter and prettier wardrobe sans boots, hats, mitts and heavy winter wools.

Wondering what's on deck and in fashion this spring? Karen Kwinter, Canadian Living's fashion and beauty editor-at-large, reveals what's trendy, from styles and colours to fabrics and accessories.

The top fashion trend of spring 2012
According to Kwinter, the leading fashion this spring is colour. So kiss your drab winter greys and blacks goodbye!

Kwinter says that when it comes to colour, anything goes, from brights to pastels. "The number one colour is orange, followed by hot pink, royal blue and last -- but never least -- yellow," says Kwinter. "As long as it's saturated, it works."

Stripes will also be popular this year, she says, moving from "merely nautical to bright and colourful."

The must-have looks for spring
Spring 2012 will introduce many colourful florals and stripes, as well as colour-blocking in both knee- and maxi-length skirts and dresses. And if you've ever shied away from bright-coloured pants, this is the season to give them a try.

"Bright pants are the way to go for spring," says Kwinter. "Skinny and cropped [pants] look perfect in red, pink, royal blue, turquoise…and even yellow," she says.

The colour-blocking trend continues its way all the way south to your toes. So be on the lookout for colour-blocked platform sandals to make your feet happy this season. Pretty and colourful ballet slippers also remain trendy.

The classic trench coat is a springtime perennial, but this year, ditch the drab tan or khaki trench and opt for a cropped version in a bright colour, suggests Kwinter. And when it comes to bags? "Cross-body bags are a great warm-weather look but if you need a little more room, opt for a colour-blocked tote," she says.

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