Grilled Cheese

Author: Canadian Living

This grilled cheese sandwich is a favorite of my family, I believe because of the fresh cheese used. I call it "The Wilton" because we purchase all of our cheese locally from the Wilton Cheese Factory in Wilton Ontario. It is a small, non descript shop full of tasty delights, including 4 year old cheddar, it is devine. We must support our local farmers and businesses and we most certainly do.

  • Portion size 1 serving
  • Credits : Jada



Butter 2 slices of light rye bread. Place slices of cheddar and gouda on top of one slice of bread (unbuttered side). Then top with shredded parmesan. Place this piece butter side down in skillet or cast iron frying pan (sprayed lightly with Pam). Top with the other side of bread, butter side out. Turn over when bread has turned golden brown, watch carefully as burns easily. when other side is golden brown remove from pan. Enjoy! Simple, but delicious.
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Grilled Cheese