Grown-up Grilled Cheese

Author: Canadian Living

In our house we love anything with cheese and anything with lots of flavour. This recipe just happened one day after a trip to our local Farmer's Market!

  • Portion size 2 servings
  • Credits : Julie Tomchak



Arrange 1 slice each of Gouda and Havarti cheese in between 2 slices of bread, making 2 sandwiches. Preheat frying pan large enough to hold both sandwiches on medium heat.Add butter to pan. Once melted, add sandwiches, flipping immediately to coat both sides of bread with butter. Sprinkle with Garlic salt and Paprika. When bottom is golden brown (approx.7min.), flip sandwiches and continue to brown for another 7 min. or so, making sure the cheese is nicely melted inside (if not, place a lid over pan for a minute or so). Transfer to plates, cut on diagonal, and enjoy! ....a pickle on the side is a nice compliment.
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Grown-up Grilled Cheese