Herbed Polenta Ring Herbed Polenta Ring

Author: Canadian Living

Polenta is a firm cornmeal "pudding." Moulded into a ring, the golden polenta provides a subtle balance for a zesty Beef Peposo with Carrots filling or any other savoury stew with lots of flavour.

  • Portion size 4 servings



In heavy saucepan, bring 3 cups (750 mL) water to a boil; add salt. Combine cornmeal with 2 cups (500 mL) cold water and stir into saucepan. Return to boil, stirring with a wooden spoon; reduce heat just until polenta bubbles gently.

Replace spoon with whisk and cook, whisking vigorously from time to time to avoid lumps, for 1 hour or until polenta is smooth and thick enough to mound stiffly on spoon. Stir in butter and thyme; taste and adjust seasoning.

Pour polenta into oiled 4-cup (1 L) ring mould. Cover with foil and let stand in warm spot for 10 minutes to firm up. Unmould onto heated serving platter. (If preparing ahead, place foil-covered mold in shallow pan with 1 inch/2.5 cm simmering water; keep warm for up to 1 hour before unmoulding. If polenta is not firm enough to unmould, remove pan from water and let stand in warm spot for 10 minutes longer.)


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Herbed Polenta Ring