Licorice Caramel Apples Licorice Caramel Apples

Author: Canadian Living

Don't be spooked by the combination of licorice and tart McIntosh apple. It's surprisingly delicious. Spartan and Golden Delicious apples also work well.

  • Portion size 8 servings
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Cover baking sheet with parchment paper or foil; brush lightly with oil. Evenly divide candies into 8 mounds on baking sheet.

In microwaveable bowl, microwave licorice toffee and water, uncovered, at High for 2 minutes. Stir; microwave for 1 minute or until melted. (Alternatively, heat in top of double boiler over medium heat until melted.)

Insert wooden stir stick into stem end of each apple, Holding stick, dip 1 apple into hot toffee mixture, spooning over apple to cover completely and letting excess drip back into bowl. Press end of apple into 1 candy mound, pushing candies into toffee to help adhere. Let stand. Repeat with remaining apples, reheating toffee if beginning to thicken. Refrigerate apples for at least 1 hour or until firm or for up to 8 hours.

In small microwaveable bowl, microwave orange candy moulding wafers at Medium (50%) for about 2 minutes or until melted. (Alternatively, melt in top of double boiler over medium heat.) Stir until smooth; drizzle as desired over apples. Let stand for 30 minutes. (Apples can be individually wrapped in plastic wrap and refirigerated for up to 1 day.)

Nutritional facts <b>Per serving:</b> about

  • Protein 5 g
  • Calories 675.0
  • Total fat 14 g
  • Total carbohydrate 141 g
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Licorice Caramel Apples