Onion and Apple Chicken

Author: Canadian Living

Apple Chicken

  • Portion size 4 servings
  • Credits : nightingale_311



Rinse chicken breasts and rub them all with a mixture of salt and pepper heat 3T. oil in non stick skillet on medium heat. While chicken is cooking take the onion and coarsly chop it, there is no perfect way to cut it. In another non stick skillet heat other 3T. of olive oil and place onions in skillet, salt them so they don't burn or carmelize add pepper and dill, the reason why I didn't add an amount is because people have their preferences of spice. I've also found adding cinnamon to this dish adds a bit of kick, but my husband has been in a dill craze so I'm using it. Cook chicken through until moist and white in the center roughly 20 minutes. Core and chop apples to bite sized peices and set aside. Cook onions until transparent and sweet. Once both chicken and onion are cook place onions and apples into the same skillet as the chicken. Heat for another five minutes until apples have warmed through and serve. Note: Chopping the chicken up into bite sized peices also work as well and will cook in a faster amount of time. This is a great dish, the onions give it a great sweet flavor and the apples add a freshness to the dish. I hope you enjoy it as much as my husband and friends that have tasted it and try it out for yourself.
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Onion and Apple Chicken