Full-body workout for women

Full-body workout for women

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Full-body workout for women

Did you know you can get a great whole-body workout right at home? It's easy – by working your major muscle groups you'll see and feel your whole body changing. You don't need any bulky, expensive exercise equipment and best of all, you can fit in this quick workout routine whenever you have a few extra minutes.

These exercises, designed by finess gurus Pamela Mazzuca Prebeg and Maureen Hagan, have been chosen for the efficiency in which they target – and work – specific areas of your body. Be sure to spend a few minutes doing a complete body stretch before you begin. Tip : When done in a secluded space, a quiet stretch can double as a mini-meditation to reduce stress and make you feel calm. Couple this workout with some cardiovascular training for a full workout of your whole body.

Photo gallery: Easy workout for great legs

Here are 5 easy exercises for lean, hot legs.

The secret to lean, sexy legs is resistance training. However, many women shy away from lifting weights with their lower body because they're afraid they'll bulk up. No need to worry. Strength training, combined with a well-balanced diet and regular cardio, will tighten, tone and – yes! – slim your lower half, and give you the look of longer legs.

Strengthen your core

This exercise works your back, abs, shoulders and glutes.

This move targets back and deep abdominal muscles, shoulder girdle muscles and glutes. Together they are responsible for a strong, stable core, which helps you perform daily activities with ease and low risk of back injury. Since this move enhances spinal alignment and posture and helps strengthen and stabilize the muscles and joints that act directly on the spine, shoulder girdle and pelvis, it is ideal for anyone who has a weak back or cannot perform abdominal curl-ups due to lower-back problems.

Body basic: Back

Keep your back pain-free and reduce the risk of back injury with this single-arm bent-over row that's great for beginners.

The single-arm bent-over row is recommended for anyone with a weak back or for those who are just starting to strengthen the back. If you have never performed a bent-over row, I recommend that you start with the single-arm bent-over row.

Triceps exercise: Triceps press-up

Firm your arms and reduce underarm jiggle with this triceps-strengthening workout.

Strong triceps make many daily activities easier; you use your triceps to push yourself out of bed, off the floor and out of chairs, and they help boost performance in all the sports that rely on having strong arms. This triceps exercise also helps improve shoulder strength and stability, and reduces underarm jiggle – and it’s easy on the shoulder joint, too.

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Full-body workout for women