Get your family moving!

Get your family moving!

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Get your family moving!

How does your family measure up physically -- does TV and computer time take priority over outdoor fun? Take our Family Fitness Quiz and find out how physical your family really is. Then take a stab at one of the many fun activities suggested by four-time Olympian and Canadian Sports Hall of Famer Silken Laumann in her new book, Child's Play (Random House Canada). She shares her secrets for fun and fresh family activities to get the whole family outside and enjoying themselves.

Fun things you can do with your family
• Kick a soccer ball

• Throw a football

• Play catch with a baseball

• Blow bubbles and try to pop them before they land

• Invite neighbourhood kids to play in your yard

• Ride bikes together

Walk the dog together

• Go out at night and search for stars or constellations

• Find those neighbourhood kids and offer to supervise a game of capture-the-flag

• Skip rope (some have built-in counters that kids love)

• Climb a tree

• Meet neighbours in a local park

• Offer to supervise a space once a week where kids can gather and play in bad weather

• Clear some space in the house and play red light, green light

• Wrestle together

• Go to family swim time at the local pool

• Go to the community centre or the local school

• Start a neighbourhood basketball night

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• Do an indoor scavenger hunt

• Create a scavenger hunt in your neighbourhood

• Create a scavenger hunt in your apartment building

• Get out the pillows and do gymnastics

• Turn on the music and have an evening dance club 

• Pull the car out of the garage and play garage hockey

• Run up the stairs in your apartment building and keep track of who has done the most flights

• Sidestep in the hallways of your apartment building

• Keep balls, skipping ropes and Frisbees in your car

• Invest in pedometers and track your family's increase in steps

• Race your kids to the car

• Play Twister

• Play tag

• Play kick-the-can

• Have a hula-hoop contest

• Do somersaults in the living room

• Walk the curb

Do yoga

• Jump for joy

• Fly a kite

• Walk to the video store

• Walk to school

• Park a few blocks from your destination and walk the rest of the way

• Create an obstacle course for bikes

• Use a stopwatch to time your kids running around the house

• Choreograph an aerobics class for kids

• Play keep-away

• Keep a balloon in the air

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Excerpted from Child's Play by Silken Laumann. Copyright 2006 by Silken Laumann. Excerpted with permission by Random House Canada. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.


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Get your family moving!