Great workout equipment

Great workout equipment

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Great workout equipment

That resolution you wrote out in January to finally get fit is still taped to your fridge door. But short days and frosty temperatures (or at least those are your excuses) are keeping you curled up on the couch with a novel and a mug of hot chocolate. What you need is motivation -- something new to make your workouts exciting again. We hunted around and found 10 great items that promise to get -- and keep -- you in gear.

Ice Joggers and Yaktrax
Description: Rubber harnesses that fit on the underside of your running shoes to provide traction on ice and snow.
Use them for: Running, hiking and walking in winter conditions.
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The Ultrasensor from Pearl Izumi
Description:Padded cycling shorts.
Special features: Cut specifically to fit a woman's shape with extra padding in the key pressure zones, namely the crotch and backside, and a longer leg, which prevents your inner thighs from chafing against the seat.
Use them for: Outdoor cycling or indoor spinning classes.
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Mountain Fountain Big hydration pack
Description: These packs look and are worn like a regular backpack, but, depending on the style, the pouch is either a simple reservoir that holds one to three litres of water, or it includes a separate pocket as well as the reservoir, making the total capacity 10 litres.
Special features: A small hose attached to the reservoir lets you drink on the move.
Use it for: Cycling, hiking and cross-country skiing.
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Swim paddles
Description: Flat plastic objects shaped like mittens, which fit against your palms and are secured with adjustable finger and wrist straps.
Special features: The resistance they create gives you a more challenging workout and, if your stroke is incorrect, the paddles will send the stroking arm off in a strange direction, indicating that your style needs some tweaking.
Special instructions: Overuse can cause shoulder injuries. A good rule is to use the paddles for only 30 per cent of a workout.
Use them for: Stroke improvement.
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Talking Pedometer with Panic Alarm
Description: About half the size of your palm, it clips easily on to a waistband and counts the distance that you've travelled. Also equipped with a panic alarm if you find yourself in trouble.
Special features: It'll tell you out loud how many steps you've already taken.
Use it for: Walking and running.
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BOSU Balance Trainer (left)
Description: Half a stability ball on a flat platform that can be used with the rounded side up or down to vary the degree of difficulty. (BOSU stands for both sides up.)
Special features: The instability of each side challenges your entire body to maintain its balance during your workout.
Can be used for: Traditional exercises including squats, lunges, biceps curls and triceps extensions, as well as dynamic exercises, such as jumping on and off the BOSU, which can't be done on a regular stability ball.
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The Petzl Tikkina headlamp
Description: A light attached to a band that fits around your forehead.
Special features: Hands-free illumination.
Can be used for: Any outdoor activity, including camping, and even around the house for electrical work.
Special instructions: Look for headlamps with energy-efficient LED lights.
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Heat Factory Adhesive Toe Warmers
Description: These small envelopes respond to air, producing heat, which will last for five to six hours, through an oxidation process.
Special features: They are nontoxic, safe, biodegradable and have an adhesive that keeps them stuck to your socks, under your toes all day long.
Can be used for: Any outdoor activity done in cold temperatures, such as skiing or skating.
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Nordic poles
Description: Similar in appearance to ski poles, but specially designed for walking.
Special features: Adjustable Nordic poles involve your upper body in the workout by engaging your shoulders, arms and pectoral muscles, which increases the exertion level of your performance and helps you burn more calories. It's even been reported that Nordic walking helps relieve tension and pain in the neck and shoulder region.
Can be used for: Hiking and walking.
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Great workout equipment