Shape up your hamstring curve

Shape up your hamstring curve

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Shape up your hamstring curve

Of all the seven sexy curves on a female's body, the hamstring sweep is least likely to be acquired naturally. This makes it the rarest curve and means you need to exercise to get it. And it's not one of those muscle groups that responds to indirect stimulation from other exercises -- no way! You need a direct hit on the hamstrings to create those cute curves.

Is the effort worth it? You bet! Where do you think everyone's eyes are staring at when they watch female sprinters on the track? You guessed it -- the hamstrings! We can't take our eyes off them because they're such beautiful curves and we rarely see them.

So let's begin with the first exercise that will help you get that dual-curve action attraction.

Standing hamstring curl
This one is done with the addition of ankle weights to provide a little extra resistance.

Start off by bending forward slightly at the hips. Raise one leg halfway up, down again, then all of the way up as far up as you can go -- this counts as one rep.

Make it a point to point your toes as you raise the lower leg up. This helps to isolate the hamstring even more.

Do 14 repetitions with one leg then switch to the other leg and do another 14. Three sets of 14 reps is plenty for this shapeshifting exercise to work nicely.

Hold two light dumbbells in your hands and stand a few feet back from an elevated surface. Take a step forward onto the raised area and bend your forward knee right down while your trailing knee almost touches the floor. Spread your arms apart slightly to improve your balance and come back up again. Repeat the motion with the opposite foot.

Concentrate on performing this motion slowly and under control. Do not drop down suddenly, or rush the reps. Lower in a measured way. And lean back slightly on the way back up.

Doing each leg counts as one rep. Do 20 repetitions for 3 sets.

You'll also notice this exercise gives you a nice aerobic touch -- especially if you rest less than one minute between sets.

Reverse leg raises
Lying face down on the ground with your stomach placed on a comfortable, elevated surface, take one leg and with pointed toes raise it straight up off the ground as high as it can go behind you. Keep your knee locked and hold it motionless at the top position for 3 seconds, then lower it slowly back down and do the other leg.

This is a great exercise for women who have a lot of softness just under their buns. You'll never see soft hamstrings near the knee area, there's too much movement there -- but under the buns a "fluffy flesh" region is common. Don't worry. This exercise "flexes" the hamstring muscles right under the buns -- where you need it most -- especially if you make a deliberate effort to raise the leg as high as it can go. Do 3 sets of 20 repetitions, with both legs counting as one rep.

Remember, flat hamstrings can play visual tricks on you. They make your waistline and buns look bigger than they actually are -- who wants that? So work this area hard and get yourself some "happening hamstrings" -- they are the great body balancer to beautiful symmetry.

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Negrita Jayde has worn many hats, including that of model, bodybuilder and now, shapeshifter. To learn more about her or to purchase her book Supervixen, visit her website at



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Shape up your hamstring curve