Top workout-wear trends

Top workout-wear trends

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Top workout-wear trends

If you're one of the many Canadians who are continuously promising yourself that you'll get your butt off the couch and visit the gym, you're not alone! Finding the motivation to step on that treadmill can certainly be difficult and if the idea of a toned, healthier you isn't motivation enough, how about the prospect of shopping for some cool workout wear? We talked to the experts at New Balance Canada to find out what's hot, hot, hot in fitness gear.

1. Moisture management
According to Eva Gyarmathy, apparel manager at New Balance Canada, there are lots of things to look out for this year as you plan your workout wardrobe. If you sweat a lot, clothing that has a "moisture management" system will wick moisture away from your skin, keeping you dry and comfy. Also, for optimal comfort, try apparel that has nonchafing seams.

2. Bright colours are back
When it comes to workout apparel, Gyarmathy tells us that bright shades are in, grounded with hits of black and white. Women's shades of hot coral and lime are on trend in running and fitness gear, while softer shades of powder blue and aqua are also popular. Men's wear is still typically masculine in basic shades of black but look for interesting accents in bright lime and curry colours.

3. Multifunctional clothing
Clothing that works just as well in the gym as out is essential for today's busy population. "Multifunctional apparel that takes the wearer from fitness to meeting at the local coffee shop" has become increasingly more important, says Gyarmathy. What else is key? Gyarmathy stresses the importance of moisture-management garments that'll keep you comfortable and dry through the most strenuous workout.

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4. Bamboo, coconut and high-tech fabrics
Popular fibres on the market include bamboo and coconut blends, which have natural odour-reducing and wicking properties as well as a soft feeling next to the skin. Also, "the best fabrics are lightweight and have a moisture management system to keep the wearer dry," says Gyarmathy. "Most are polyester-based, and can include antimicrobial properties, which reduce odour."

5. Banish the idea of one perfect running shoe
"The first this to understand when choosing the perfect running shoe is there isn't a perfect running shoe," says Lorrie Owen-Turner, general manager at New Balance Canada. "There is, however, a perfect running shoe for you. The first step is to identify the level of your needs, such as stability, cushioning, durability and the type of terrain you will be running on. From there it is a matter of matching your running needs to a specific shoe. No two styles of shoe are created the same."

New Balance's shoe suggestions
Looking for a new pair of cushiony running shoes? Lorrie Owen-Turner at New Balance suggests some models to get you pounding the pavement in comfy style.

• "The New Balance 1061 is the perfect shoe for someone in need of cushioning. With plenty of Abzorb [a proprietary material] in both the heel and forefoot of the shoe, this is the perfect shoe for a mid- to high-mileage runner looking for cushioning."

• "If lightweight is your key concern, look no further than the New Balance 902. Weighing in at under 10 oz., this shoe offers the perfect blend of cushioning and stability while still keeping its weight well below that of an average running shoe."

• "The New Balance 845 is designed for the runner who requires optimal stability and support without sacrificing cushioning, as it still utilizes a shock-absorbing material in the heel and forefoot. The dual density mid-sole, providing more support on the medial side, provides a balanced blend of cushioning and support for a runner with those needs."

• "If you're all about wearing the latest technology, NB ZIP technology blends cushioning, support and responsiveness all in one package. The 8505 running shoe and 8515 cross training shoe use strategically located shock-absorbing struts designed to absorb energy and quickly spring back. These struts are also oriented in specific alignment to allow for optimal cushioning at heel strike."

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Top workout-wear trends