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10 ways to de-stress from a hectic work week

10 ways to de-stress from a hectic work week

Author: Canadian Living

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10 ways to de-stress from a hectic work week

1. Take a bath
What can relax both mind and body better than a soak in the tub? Add a few drops of essential oil, such as lavender, to help you relax.

2. Breathe deeply
Count to eight as you inhale deeply, letting your abdomen expand. Let go of all your worries as you exhale slowly, counting down from eight. Repeat eight times – you'll feel completely renewed.

3. Phone a friend
Venting about your crazy work week can help. But once you've spilled your guts, put it behind you and start looking to the relaxing weekend ahead.

4. Catch a comedy
Tuning in to a funny movie will give you a much-needed distraction and make your work week seem miles away.

5. Kick back for a nap
Fatigue can exasperate your stress levels and hinder your ability to concentrate. Get a nap in so that you're fresh to focus on the weekend ahead.

6. Grab a green tea
Avoid stimulants like coffee that can intensify your stress. Steep yourself some green tea instead. It secretes L-theanine, an amino acid that will make you feel both calm and alert.

7. Get outside
Whether it's walking the dog or puttering in the garden, get outside and reconnect with nature. Fresh air has calming effects that are often overlooked.

8. Curl up with a good book
Grab your latest read or your favourite magazine and snuggle up someplace calm and quiet. It'll take your mind off your work worries and help you unwind.

9. Pamper yourself
Beauty rituals can be relaxing, so paint your nails, slather on a rich facemask and massage a deep conditioner into your hair. You'll look as good as you feel!

10. Make plans
Dream up some leisurely ways to pass time this weekend. From lingering over the newspaper to indulging in a great breakfast, make a to-do list you can't wait to tackle, then make it happen.

Jennifer Villamere is Canadian Living's senior web editor.

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Mind & Spirit

10 ways to de-stress from a hectic work week