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Beat the winter doldrums

Beat the winter doldrums

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Mind & Spirit

Beat the winter doldrums

After a few months of long days and cold weather, by March we are ready for spring. We're ready to wear our shorts, to spend time outside and to enjoy long days of sunshine. Unfortunately, spring doesn't always come when we want it to. Sometimes we need to find other ways to escape the winter doldrums and add some "spring" to our winter days!

Try some of the following to help:

Do something you usually only do in the summer that makes you feel good!
Paint your toenails in a fun and exotic color
• Have your nails manicured
• Get highlights
• Use some sunless tanning lotion

Throw a beach party
• Invite guests to come dressed in beach gear
• Serve summer foods -- try digging out the BBQ
• Offer fruity drinks with umbrellas
• Decorate with your summer beach supplies
• Have a sand castle building contest

Have a summer movie night
• Rent some of your favorite movies with a summer theme

Attend an indoor "summer" attraction
• Take a rock climbing course
• Play indoor beach volleyball
• Go roller skating
• Go to an indoor waterslide
• Golf at an indoor course or driving range

Create an island getaway in one room
• Light coconut flavored candles
• Use gardenia perfume
• Decorate in a summer theme -- bright colours, sea shells, etc

Splurge and buy summer fruits at a fresh fruit market
• Make a fresh pie out of frozen fruits

Once you have beaten your winter doldrums, embrace the rest of the winter season. Get out and go skating or skiing a few more times. Take the family on a winter picnic -- go tobogganing, roast wieners and build a snow family.

Tracy Lyn Moland is a mother of two school-age children, the author of Mom Management, a regular corporate spokesperson, media guest, and freelance writer. For more tips and ideas, check out her website www.TracyLynMoland.com.


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Mind & Spirit

Beat the winter doldrums