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What colour is your personality?

What colour is your personality?

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What colour is your personality?

1. Your ideal way to spend a Saturday night is:
a) at a big party
b) at a lively restaurant or bar with a gang of friends
c) going to a play or a dance performance
d) having a quiet dinner at home with a few good friends
e) watching hockey or a DVD with the family

2. Your ideal way to spend a Sunday afternoon is:
a) snuggling in bed with your partner
b) doing something creative, such as painting, baking or gardening
c) reading a book or newspaper
d) heading outdoors to hike, bike, ski or just enjoy the day
e) spending time at home with your family or out volunteering

3. Your favourite kind of movie is a:
a) torrid romance
b) lighthearted comedy
c) foreign film
d) feel-good true story
e) film the whole family can enjoy

4. You prefer to dress in something:
a) sexy and bold that attracts attention
b) stylish but original that no one else will be wearing
c) conservative or classic
d) understated but trendy
e) that is comfortable and cosy

5. Your ideal vacation is:
a) a trip to a big city that has a lively nightlife
b) spent relaxing on a beach
c) a trip to Europe visiting museums and historical sites
d) an adventure vacation involving outdoor activities, such as hiking or snowshoeing
e) something the whole family can enjoy, such as a trip to Disneyland

6. The kind of music most likely to be found on your iPod is:
a) jazz or contemporary
b) funk or soul
c) opera or classical
d) world music or folk rock
e) Top 40 pop or light rock

To find out your colour personality simply count how many As, Bs, Cs, Ds, and Es you chose, then click on "find your results" below.

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If You Answered Mostly As
RED: Your life is filled with passion and you tend to have a flair for the extravagant. You are self-motivated, ambitious and throw yourself into endeavours (both personal and professional) with gusto -- but you don't always deal well with failure. While your zest and drive are admirable, don't forget to stop and smell the roses.

If You Answered Mostly Bs
You're fun-loving and creative and enjoy expressing yourself through painting, dancing, writing or music. Laughter is important to you, and you like to dole it out wherever you go. You're friendly and approachable and people love this about you. You are also impulsive, which can sometimes land you in hot water, so try to balance hasty decisions with a dash of reason.

If You Answered Mostly Cs
You are serious and well informed about the world and are happiest when you are challenged intellectually. Yellow is the colour of mental clarity and concentration; use it to paint your library, study or home office. You enjoy verbal sparring with friends. You're also practical and always have one eye on the future. But don't forget to live in the moment.

If You Answered Mostly Ds
You believe in peace, harmony and the power of nature and try to spread these feelings wherever you go. You are inspired by the selflessness of others and place a high value on honesty and sincerity. You're self-assured, but you don't like to draw attention to yourself. Why not? Let your inner beauty shine through and allow others to admire your quiet confidence.

If you answered mostly Es
Your top priority is family and you strive to be a role model for others. You tend to be conservative and are an authority figure at home and at work. You are reliable and responsible and often put the needs of others ahead of your own. But don't shortchange yourself; allow yourself time to relax, and let others take care of your needs, too.

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What colour is your personality?