4 easy ways to set your weight-loss goals

4 easy ways to set your weight-loss goals

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4 easy ways to set your weight-loss goals

You're just so busy, and finding time to exercise, eat properly and get healthy is next to impossible. Sound familiar? This type of lifestyle leads to weight gain, and though you may be far from it yet, even obesity. And with excess weight comes all sorts of other problems: low energy, depression, heart disease and some cancers, to name a few. In order to be able to enjoy a rich, fulfilling and long life, now's the time to get healthy and fit.

Here are four easy ways Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of The Dr. Oz Show, suggests to set good health and weight-loss goals.

1. Don't focus on weight
Getting lost in the number on a scale can cause you to lose sight of what’s most important: the size of your waist. "The dangers of obesity are much more related to your waist size then the actual weight you carry around," Dr. Oz says.

A large mid section indicates the presence of omentum fat (also known as belly fat) – fat that lives underneath the muscles, deep inside your belly. "That's the fat next to the liver, and it poisons the liver, causing inflammation throughout the body," Dr. Oz says. "So it's imperative that people have waist sizes that are half their height." That means if you're 165 centimetres tall (5'5"), your ideal waist size is 32.5 inches.

Though you may want to be thinner to look your best, if your waist measures half your height than you’re most likely in the clear for weight-related health problems. However, if you’re waist size measures higher than half of your height you should be working toward a healthier lifestyle in order to attain optimal health.

2. Eliminate toxins
If you want to whittle down your waistline you have to get serious about eating right. Your kitchen cupboards and fridge contain all sorts of ingredients that can be detrimental to a healthy diet, and can cause you to pack on the pounds.

Dr. Oz recommends following the "Rule of 5," and committing to eliminate the following from your kitchen (and your diet):

• Simple sugars
• Syrups (such as high fructose corn syrup)
• Saturated fats (fats that come from animals)
• Trans fats
• Enriched flours (simple white flours)

Those five ingredients "are toxic for you and will increase your belly fat," says Dr. Oz.

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3. Eat breakfast
You know it's the most important meal of the day, but you just can't seem to find time to fit it in. That's no excuse, says Dr. Oz.

"I don't care if [eating breakfast is] the first thing you do when you get up, but it should be something you do within the first hour of awakening so that you stabilize the nature of your food intake throughout the rest of the day," he advises. "High fibre and high protein foods satisfy that purpose for breakfast."

Making breakfast a priority will help regulate your eating habits and boost your energy. Try a bowl of oatmeal with a handful of fresh fruit or sliced apple. Or, if you're really pressed for time in the morning, hard boil a few eggs on Sunday night and keep them in the fridge, grabbing one (and some fruit) on the way to the office.

4. Build muscle
Exercise is imperative to leading a healthy life, especially strength training. "The other thing to remember is that the best way to burn calories is to build muscle mass," Dr. Oz says.

Building muscle mass is especially important for women, as once menopause hits, fat buildup can become more of a problem. Weight bearing exercise also helps prevent osteoporosis. Make sure your doing a minimum of 30 to 60 minutes of exercise a day for weight maintenance or more if you're trying to shrink your waistline.

Also, exercise helps to reduce stress, boost energy and strengthen vital organs such as the heart and lungs.

Check out our fitness sections for amazing exercise ideas, or consult a physician or personal trainer to help with developing a workout plan that works for you.

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4 easy ways to set your weight-loss goals