Herbs of the heavens : How Wisconsin Ginseng benefits your astrological sign

How Wisconsin Ginseng benefits your astrological sign?


Herbs of the heavens : How Wisconsin Ginseng benefits your astrological sign

The Ginseng root has been revered since ancient times by many cultures for its numerous healing and rejuvenating properties. In Chinese medicine, Ginseng is an ingredient in just about every remedy and is considered the ‘The King of Herbs.’ In astrology, it is signified by the Sun for its energizing, stabilizing, and anti-microbial properties, as the Sun energizes and stabilizes our planet while being the best disinfectant against viruses and other microbes.

Whereas Asian ginseng is used for its heating (Yang) properties, Wisconsin Ginseng has a more cooling (Yin) nature, as the Sun is modified by the cooling, reflective influence of the Moon. We see this dance of yin and yang in everything from the seasons to the phases of the Moon to the passage of the Sun through the zodiac.

The ginseng root resembles the form of a human and in particular the legs, fitting because it is believed to provide the potency to be on one’s legs. On a larger scale, we see this human form depicted in the 12 signs of the zodiac, from Aries to Pisces, or from head to toe.



Given the many healing and fortifying properties of Ginseng, we thought it would be fun to consult Astrologer, Gregory Brozek to highlight how Wisconsin Ginseng may help you based on your astrological sign!




Aries are known for their vitality and enthusiasm but are also known to burn out quickly and can become cranky and listless. Their energy comes in spurts and they can be quick-tempered and suffer from headaches.

The remedy: Plenty of fresh air, exercise, and enjoy a cooling cup of Wisconsin Ginseng tea. Ginseng is thought to increase endurance along with potency and this will help Arians in their love life, as well as to ward off mental fatigue.


Taurus’s are known to be practical, patient and stubborn. They are sensual and warm-hearted creatures but can become overly content and self-indulgent. Beautiful to look at, they gain weight easily if neglected or inactive.

The remedy: Exercise, a sensible diet, and Wisconsin-grown ginseng, in either capsule or extract form. The tea can help to reduce weight gain and keep energy and metabolism up. Ginseng’s gluco-regulatory properties are good for staving off diabetes, while its added potency will have Taurus’s lovers begging for more.


Geminis are outgoing, talkative and often restless. They are generally healthy, but this air sign ruled by quicksilver Mercury makes them susceptible to mental exhaustion. Gemini signifies the two lungs and makes Gemini natives particularly vulnerable to colds and lung ailments.

The remedy: Keep a lighter diet, have a healthy expressive outlet, and stabilize & fortify with Wisconsin Ginseng. Although any form is good, Gemini’s would do well to consume the root directly as roots are imbued with the grounding that Gemini’s need.


Cancer natives are sensitive, emotional and loving beings. Cancers are dynamic and adaptable, but their emotions can lead to digestive problems, largely due to excessive worry. Cancer women are prone to menstrual cramps.

The remedy: A balanced diet rich in seafood as well as dairy, a creative outlet, and plenty of delicious Wisconsin-grown Ginseng tea. Ginseng can help Cancers overcome anxiety due to worry or oversensitivity and can help stabilize fluctuating moods. It is considered an effective preventative against menstrual cramps and may reduce inflammation.




Leos are the natural leaders of the zodiac and can be extremely generous, creative and amorous, but if they run out of steam, they can become mean and dictatorial. Carrying all that responsibility and attention can lead to back problems and heart disease.

The remedy: A good protein-rich diet and a steady intake of Wisconsin Ginseng to help improve cognitive ability, maintain sexual potency, and reduce inflammation. Ginseng’s antimicrobial properties can help prevent Leos from catching a bug.


Virgos are highly sensitive, meticulous and intelligent beings. They can get hung up on the details and are thus overly critical and prone to mental exhaustion. Virgos need the predictability of a healthy work routine and a simple lifestyle or they may lose themselves to over-thinking and hypochondria.

The remedy: Whole foods, personal hygiene, physical exertion, and Wisconsin-grown Ginseng to fortify sensitive Virgo constitutions. Ginseng helps relieve the anxieties of too much analysis.


Librans like to be around people and are often involved in the arts, clothing and beauty industries. Libra signifies balance and the hips and so Librans are susceptible to any imbalance but specifically they should watch their kidneys.

The remedy: Regular exercise, avoid rich foods, and Wisconsin-grown Ginseng tea.Ginseng is believed to normalize kidney function and reduce inflammation.


Scorpios tend towards stubbornness but when they do embrace change, they renew themselves completely. Scorpios are indulgent and this may lead to digestive and urinary problems and constipation. Signifying the sexual organs, Scorpio natives need to maintain a good flow in life to be healthy.

The remedy: Regular intensive exercise, a busy schedule, a satisfying sex life, and plenty of Wisconsin-grown Ginseng. Ginseng’s libido-raising and anti-viral properties are a must in the Scorpio arsenal.




Sagittarians are freedom-loving, optimistic people who enjoy exploring ideas and actualizing their vision. A fiery, masculine sign, Sagittarians love food and drink but can sometimes become ill-tempered if reckless with their diet.

The remedy: Exercise is important to a Sagittarian. Wisconsin-grown Ginseng helps fortify and energize the body while helping to improve cognitive function, allowing Sagittarians to better define their vision.


Capricorn are known for their hardworking, sensible and practical approach to life but they can suffer from bouts of pessimism and mental rigidity along the way that can lead to premature aging. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, who is dry, airy, and elderly, so Capricorns need to move and maintain mental dexterity or they will stiffen up and suffer maladies of the bones and joints.

The remedy: Capricorns must maintain a sensible lifestyle with physical activity. Wisconsin-grown Ginseng is an adaptogen and considered to be an excellent preventative against exhaustion and premature aging. Ginseng will help give Capricorns the energy they need to achieve their dreams!


Aquarians are inventive and highly original thinkers. Aquarians suffer at times from constricted blood flow and need to stay active in order to avoid falling into self-indulgent laziness.

The remedy: Aquarians need a creative and physical outlet and a a lighter diet is favoured. Wisconsin-grown Ginseng is the perfect antidote to help maintain a healthy metabolism while clearing up cognitive function.


Pisces are extremely imaginative and intuitive people and are known to sacrifice themselves happily for others. Ruled by Neptune, they can retain fluid and gain weight easily.

The remedy: Pisceans should take part in low impact exercises like yoga or swimming, and healing herbs like Wisconsin-grown Ginseng for its revitalizing properties. Ginseng is believed to ward off diabetes and to aid in weight loss.

Click here for more details on how Wisconsin Ginseng may help you based on your astrological sign!


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Herbs of the heavens : How Wisconsin Ginseng benefits your astrological sign