Interesting food facts

Interesting food facts

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Interesting food facts


Check out our Diet File collection for energizing recipes and healthy food tips, plus a ton of great information about vitamins and minerals -- from vitamin B-12 to zinc.


Eating for energy
Tips for avoiding that afternoon slump.

High-energy eating for athletes
Make sure your child is getting enough calories in his diet to maintain the physical demands of sports.

Extreme eating
15 ways to power up your energy and endurance.

Nutrition tips to boost energy levels
Try these nutrition tips to keep you going strong.

Power eating
Energy crisis? Power up with five sure-fire ways to boost body and spirit.


9 great ways to add healthy fat to your diet
Easy ways to include important good-for-you fats in your everyday diet.

Healthy Fats
Talking fats with health author Lorna Vanderhaeghe.

101 ways to cut fat from your diet
Who wants to count grams of fat? Lowering your fat intake is easy and delicious with these tips.

What about those trans fats?
Get the low down on how much is too much.

The skinny on fats
Get the right balance of fat in your diet by learning how to replace harmful fats with healthy ones.

Nutty goodness
Discover the benefits of eating nuts and seeds.

Kids need fat, too
Find out what role fat plays in your child's diet.

Diet File: Omega-3
Not all fat is bad for you. Omega-3 fatty acids help prevent heart attacks, strokes and relieve arthritis pain.


10 great calcium-rich foods
Tasty ways to boost your bone health.

Calcium, PMS and weight
Ease water retention and food cravings.

Dairy and weight loss
Daily sources of calcium may actually help you lose weight.


Iron-rich recipes
If you often feel tired, look pale and experience shortness of breath, you may be lacking in iron.

Avoiding iron deficiency
How to get your daily intake of iron.


A grain of prevention
High fibre content makes grains an important part of every diet.

Go with the whole grain
Learn the nutrition benefits of whole grains.


More fetal benefits from folate
Daily folate supplements before and during pregnancy can reduce neural tube defects and Down Syndrome.

Diet File: Folate
Decrease the risk of heart disease with these folate-rich recipes.

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Interesting food facts