Nosh like the stars: Celebrity snack food favourites

Nosh like the stars: Celebrity snack food favourites

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Nosh like the stars: Celebrity snack food favourites

Celebrities are no longer just fashion icons - they're our party role models, examples of fitness perfection (or not!) and now our gastronomic guides to the hottest, healthiest treats and eats.

Whether dieting, drinking or just plain dining here's a taste of what’s fresh on celebrity platters.

Acai berry
Acai (AH-SAH-EE) is one of the most talked about foods on the planet. With ten times the antioxidants of grapes, twice the antioxidants of blueberries and chock full of vitamins and minerals these Brazilian berries are some of the most nutritious and in demand fruits on the market.

It’s not just the natural goodness packed inside the acai that has attracted stars like Owen Wilson, Denise Richards and surfing legend Kelly Slater; it’s the wild raspberry and chocolate flavour that drives these stars wild.

But if taste and vitamins are still not enough to try these Brazilian treats, scientists have just found that the Acai may actually thwart the growth of certain types of cancers.

Jamba juice
When it comes to dieting, celebs will try almost anything to look their red carpet best and Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson is proof.

Spiffing up those Dreamgirls curves was as easy as replacing daily meals with Jamba Juice smoothies. Jennifer claims that the low-fat protein and nutrient-rich fruits in her favourite Jamba Light and Jamba All-Fruit smoothies helped her lose almost 30 pounds.

And Hudson isn't the only celeb on the Jamba Juice craze, Vanessa Hudgens, Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton are just a few of the countless other celebrities that love this nutritious juice.

Garrett popcorn
Oprah, Halle, TomKat, Beyonce and Bono all agree there is no snack better than Garrett Popcorn. 

This specialty popcorn is made and fawned over in Chicago and is now sold worldwide via the internet ( ).  With only four different flavours – Cheesecorn, Plain, Buttery Popcorn and Caramel Crisp – Garrett indulges using simple flavours, privately grown kernels and a no fat, no oil popping process to create a one of a kind popcorn experience.

In 2002, Oprah selected Garrett’s "The Mix" as one of her "Favorite Things" exclaiming, "It is so good! I love when you mix the cheese with the caramel!"

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Forget that little lunchtime salad to inject your daily nutrient needs drink some sake instead.

Ty-Ku, a sake-based liqueur, is not only a tasty aperitif to wind the day down with but is also loaded with over 20 natural ingredients, doesn't leave a nasty hangover and is a socially conscious cocktail made of ingredients found in Asia, Europe, the Americas and the Orient.

It’s no wonder that socially conscious stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Martin of Coldplay and Jeremy Piven are all huge fans.

Freeze-dried culinary creations
Tang and freeze-dried ice cream? No way. Astronauts are now touting five-star culinary treats from some of the world’s leading chefs on their interstellar flights.

In the last few years celebrity chefs such as Emeril Lagasse, Wolfgang Puck and even Rachel Ray have sent their gastronomic delights into the next dimension, literally. Two of Emeril’s items, the spicy green beans and the rice pudding, are actually being written into the permanent NASA menu, once they are able to formulate it for space travel.

But don’t count on other celebrity chefs getting the opportunity to make out of this world fare, NASA is implementing a plan to actually grow vegetables on the surface of the moon and on Mars.

Chocolate cola cake
And what is a celebrity food trend article without the mention of Elvis and his odd food cravings?

Not only did the king crave the infamous fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches but he apparently begged his cooks to make him his favourite cake: chocolate cola cake.

Made with the standard ingredients like flour, sugar and cocoa powder, Elvis’s chocolate cake takes the cake with the addition of buttermilk and cola.

Though Elvis may be the King of rock n’ roll he certainly is not the king of fine dining.

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Nosh like the stars: Celebrity snack food favourites