Our most motivating weight-loss stories and tips

Our most motivating weight-loss stories and tips

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Our most motivating weight-loss stories and tips

Has your workout gone from stellar to stale? Are you doing the same routine at the gym as last year? The benefits of regular exercise are nearly immeasurable but sometimes it's just not enough to get us out the door (nevermind an hour sweating through spin class!).

Read on for our very best in inspiring articles, expert advice and fitness trends to help you find motivation and keep it for good.

How one couple trained to run a marathon
Two self-proclaimed couch potatoes reclaimed their health and ran a marathon. Here's how you can follow in their footsteps.

Photo gallery: 9 ways to reach your weight-loss goals
To make weight-loss a bit easier, we've assembled some of the best weight-loss advice we've come across into 9 easy steps.

5 weight-loss mistakes
Beware of common hazards that keep you from achieving your pound-dropping goals.

The hottest fitness trends
Re-energize your body and shake up your exercise routine with these trendy workouts.

Photo gallery: 10 must-have pieces of budget-friendly fitness equipment
No need to break the bank buying expensive exercise equipment. Our fitness experts share their shopping lists.

5 weight-loss secrets every dieter should know
Use these expert tips to help you take off the pounds for good.

7 tips for maintaining fitness motivation
Maintain momentum and stick to your fitness goals with this motivational advice.

6 tips on maintaining weight loss motivation
Trying to lose weight, but finding it hard to stay motivated? Get inspired with these 6 tips on maintaining your weight loss motivation.

Remain on the fitness train
Three steps to get back on track when a motivation slump derails you.

6 ways to maximize your exercise
Maintain motivation and keep your fitness program strong with these simple suggestions.

5 Canadian health and fitness blogs that inspire
Get on track with advice from these great blogs.

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Our most motivating weight-loss stories and tips