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5 BPA-free water pitchers and bottles

5 BPA-free water pitchers and bottles

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Prevention & Recovery

5 BPA-free water pitchers and bottles

The importance of hydration is undeniable. With the amount of plastic water bottles heading to landfills, it's obvious we are feeling the need to quench our thirst. But packing water in your bag before heading out for a hike or refilling your glass at home isn't a thoughtless task anymore. With all the concern over which water bottles and pitchers are bad for your health, what are some ways you can quench your thirst safely?

In April 2008 the government of Canada was the first country to issue a ban on baby bottles that contain the controversial chemical Bisphenol A (BPA). Around this time, BPA, used in the manufacturing of polycarbonate plastic, graced the headlines of our daily newspapers and became a concern for most consumers. Due to its fame, we learned of BPA's existence in many of our favourite drinking bottles.

So, the question arises, which water bottles, holders and pitchers are safe for holding drinking water, especially if you're trying to avoid BPAs? We've compiled a list of some favourite ideas to help you make a healthy drinking choice while you're relaxing at home or out on the go.

Water Pitchers
Brita water pitchers are a safe bet if you wish to drink filtered water at home. The company carries both pitchers and faucet-mount filters which remove chlorine, sediment and lead from your tap water, plus any unwanted flavours and odours. And, for those who are worried that Brita's plastic products are not safe, Brita's Director of Marketing Tim Pellerin guarantees its safety. "Our pitchers and filters are 100 per cent BPA-free," he says. "That was a conscious decision on Brita's part at the outset."
Brita's pitchers range in price from $25 - $40 and their faucet mounts range from $25 - $50. 

Glass pitchers
An absolute classic. Search flea markets, antique stores or any kitchenware store to find one to your liking. These come in handy when you want to add ice to your filtered water and bring it to the table for a pretty display option.

How to tote your water on-the-go: BPA-free water bottle options

Sigg, makers of colourful metal water bottles, began making a hiker’s bottle back in 1908 and have been perfecting their design ever since. Worried about drinking from an aluminum bottle? According to Sigg’s website, their bottles have undergone rigorous testing to ensure that the lining does not leach into your beverage. Sigg bottles are also recyclable. Prices range from about $20 - $50.


Camelbak's spill proof water bottles are perfect for the active type, and according to their website, BPA-free. These durable bottles are available in four different styles and three different sizes. Take your pick from a variety of energizing colours. Prices range from $10 - $20.

Klean Kanteen

Another fun, stainless-steel water bottle that is lightweight and safe for drinking out of. guarantees that their product is BPA-free, toxin-free and non-leaching. Bottles range in size from 12 oz. to 40 oz. Visit their website to check out the styles and colours. Klean Kanteen bottles are about $20 each and can be found at health food stores and sporting goods stores.

Happy hydration!

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Prevention & Recovery

5 BPA-free water pitchers and bottles