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Community & Current Events FAQ - My CL

How do I log in to My CL?
It's easy! Just click on the My CL button or  on Log In >> at the right-hand side of your screen (or click the link above). Enter your e-mail address and your password in the fields provided. If you've forgotten your password a new one will be sent to your e-mail inbox.

New to My CL? Welcome! Enter your e-mail and choose a password. Next, you'll need to choose a username. The following page will give you access to My Recipe Box where you can enter your recipe.

What happens after I submit my recipe?
Our editorial team reviews each reader recipe before we publish them on the site. When we've published your recipe, you'll receive an e-mail saying "Congratulations! Your recipe has been approved" and the link to your recipe will be provided.

Recipe rejection guidelines
If we have to reject a recipe, you'll receive an e-mail saying "Your recipe almost made it…" We reject recipes based on the following criteria:

- Copyrighted recipe
- Too many errors in the text
- Recipe already on the site
- Preparation method not precise enough
- Not a recipe
- Ingredients not precise enough
- Missing information in the preparation method
- Cooking temperature not specified
- Recipe text must not be in capital letters
- Recipe title not comprehensible

Double-check your recipe before submitting to make sure it doesn't contain any of these errors!

Still need help? Click "Contact Us" at the bottom of this screen and we will find an answer for you.

How do I fill in the Public Recipe form?

Filling in the recipe fields:

Under “Qty” - add your 1/2 or 2, etc.   (you’ll have to click the next field with your mouse or press the “tab” button on your keyboard)

Under “Unit” - add your cups, tbsp, etc.

Under “Description” add the ingredient name (flour, spinach, etc.)
Now click the small green plus-sign to add another ingredient.  

Type in your preparation instructions.

Select a category (ie desserts; appetizers; etc.)

Click on Save, and you're done!


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Community & Current Events FAQ - My CL