5 must-try hairstyles for spring

5 must-try hairstyles for spring

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5 must-try hairstyles for spring

After several months stuck under a hat, it's time for your hair to shine. Born out of winter's bleakness comes a season defined by fresh, new looks perfect for embracing the warmer weather. Inspired by everything from your hair's natural tendencies to freshly showered strands, here are five must-try hairstyles you can easily achieve without the help of a stylist.

To shed some light on spring 2012's top hair trends, we spoke to award-winning hair stylist Brennen Demelo of Brennen Demelo Studio. Sharing his secrets on how to achieve the season's hottest looks, he tells us what looks to try and how best to make them work.

1. The sleek, wet look
A slick, wet-looking style is essential for spring, says Demelo. "The must-try hairstyle is a pulled-back, sleek, wet look that has become huge in fashion," he explains.

To achieve a similar look at home, apply mousse and defining gloss to your hair, then comb it back, fastening your hair into a low bun at the nape of your neck. Since your hair is meant to look damp, be sure to avoid an in-between look by liberally applying a holding product and making sure to capture any stray strands. Straggly, flyaway pieces will only make your hair look greasy -- and far from spring-chic. Add an embellished hair clip or slim metallic hair band to further add interest to your look.

2. Mid-length cuts
Despite the popularity of cropped hairstyles this season, Demelo says mid-length hair is a safe bet for spring. "Mid-length hair has the most momentum right now," he explains. "People want a change from long hair and they don't want a bob."

To keep mid-length hair current, opt for a blunt look in a boxy shape with uneven but balanced layers that will help create movement, says the stylist. Blow-dry and straighten your hair, then add flexible-hold hairspray to achieve a more tousled look. You can also finish just-straightened hair with a pea-sized amount of shine serum to create a sleek, pageboy style.

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3. Messy and bohemian inspired hair
No time to fuss with your hair in the morning? No problem. Spring 2012 is all about a reprieve from extensive styling, says Demelo.

"My ideal for the season is hair with texture, but left in a more natural state with easy, simple twists or loose ponytails -- messy and raw hair," he explains.

To achieve this look, Demelo recommends working with your natural texture and doing just enough to it to work out the kinks.

If your hair is curly, embrace large, natural curls by using an old T-shirt to absorb moisture post-shower (T-shirts can be surprisingly absorbent) and then diffusing your hair to avoid frizz.

Straight hair can be sprayed with flexible-hold hairspray and then tousled after drying to create a messy, loose look, while wavy hair can be optimized by working mousse into your hair, then scrunching and blow-drying it lightly.

4. Long, one-length styles
Long, one-length hair with a slight wave is another simple yet trendy look for spring. If your hair is already mid-length, simply let your current hairstyle grow out -- visiting your salon every six weeks for a regular trim. To style it, blow-dry your hair before quickly straightening it. Afterward, create volume by teasing portions of your hair at the roots and shaking it out. Top the look off with flexible-hold hairspray to keep some natural body, and tease your hair throughout the day to maintain the look.

5. Geometric layers
On the other end of the style spectrum this spring are short, cropped looks with pronounced layers. "My favourite hair for spring is very short or mid-length hair in very square shapes," says Demelo.

Speak to your stylist about what type of layers would best frame your face before committing to a cut. Long, sweeping layers tend to work best with oval face shapes, while shorter, choppy pieces usually highlight a square face shape best. Regardless of the type of geometric layers you get, make sure to keep your hair looking natural by opting for lighter hold products and creating waves rather than tight curls. If your hair is straight, opt for more layers to ensure you have enough volume.

Spring's hottest hairstyles can be easily recreated with only a few key products and by embracing your hair's natural tendencies. Volume, layers and waves are essential for the season, and they can be achieved with some willingness to experiment and have fun with your post-winter look.

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5 must-try hairstyles for spring