7 winter beauty secrets

7 winter beauty secrets

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7 winter beauty secrets

Achieving a warm glow in winter can seem almost impossible. But according to makeup artist Grace Lee of Plutino Group, with just a few simple steps you can achieve a fresh, dewy complexion no matter the season.

The key is to create a natural-looking glow. So instead of using spray-on tanners or bronzers, learn how to treat your skin well and to enhance rather than hide your complexion, says Lee. Here she shares how to achieve glowing skin without piling on a plethora of products.

1. Exfoliate
Exfoliating, above all else, is crucial for healthy, glowing skin. "Exfoliating is essential for getting rid of dead skin cells and making sure that your skin absorbs moisturizer," says Lee. "There are some exfoliators that are good for everyday use and others that are meant to be used weekly. It really depends on your skin."

Dry, flaky skin benefits from a daily exfoliating face wash, while more sensitive skin does better with a lighter, weekly formula. If you're not sure what type of product is best for you, ask your dermatologist or esthetician for samples, then gauge for yourself what works best before committing to a regimen.

2. Use mineral water sprays

Using mineral water sprays, such as Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray or La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water, can also help create a glow, says Lee. "Water sprays add more moisture to the skin," she explains. "Simply use the spray all over your face and then apply moisturizer."

By first spraying your skin with water and then following up with moisturizer you will create a glow that looks lit from within and that won't require as much blush or highlighter, she says.

3. Massage moisturizer into your skin

One of the most important steps for achieving soft, glowing skin is moisturizing daily. Lee advises going one step further by really massaging the product into your skin. "Take the time to massage moisturizer into your skin so you're getting the blood cells flowing and your skin can better absorb it," she says. "This step makes for a more supple finish." Since skin tends to be dryer in the winter, you will also want to use a heavier moisturizer than you would use in warmer months.

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4. Try cream blush
Powder blushes create a matte look, so opt for a cream blush instead if you want to achieve a dewy complexion. "Cream blushes have come a long way," says Lee, who particularly likes using them during the colder months. "I feel like people can get away with cream blushes better in the winter because they perspire less."

Regardless of the season, avoid wearing too much blush or not blending it enough. "You want your skin to appear as if it's glowing from within, and not like a pile of makeup is creating that look," says Lee.

5. Highlight your features

Rather than overdoing it with blush, use a highlighter stick to maintain a sun-kissed look. "Tap the stick along the high plains of your face -- along the cheek area, underneath the brow and under the eye, anywhere the light actually hits your face first," says Lee. "This adds a sheen that will create a glow." Just be sure to create a glow, and not a sparkle. "A lot of people think glow means glitter, but the two don't go hand in hand," says Lee. "Opt for a micro-fine shimmer, but not actual glitter. You don't want to look like a disco ball."

6. Choose matte lips
While matte blush can create a flat look, matte lips will better showcase your glow. "If you're going for a really glowing look, you'll want something more matte on the lips so you're not looking glossy," explains Lee. "Areas of contrast help. You don't want to look sweaty or greasy, and that's why contrast is important."

If you're worried about creating too much of a contrast, choose a nude or light pink lipstick to keep your look natural. Dab colour on with your fingers or with a lip brush to keep your lips looking fresh and not waxy or overdone, she says.

7. Avoid bronzer
Despite the popularity of bronzer in the past, Lee suggests avoiding it. "That heavily tanned look is really out. Now it's about being strategic. It's about contouring and bringing out your features as opposed to layering on orange powder," she explains. After applying highlighter and blush, try applying small dabs of clear lip gloss along your cheekbone area to create a fresh, dewy look. This technique allows you to create a healthy glow without looking overly frosted or glittery.

Despite the grey, damp days of winter, you can still achieve warm, healthy skin. With a few key skin-care steps and complexion-boosting products, you can easily create a fresh-faced look reminiscent of the warmer months.

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7 winter beauty secrets