Best skin-care tips

Best skin-care tips

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Best skin-care tips

Maintaining clean, clear skin can be a downright challenge in our variable Canadian climate – frigid winters can leave skin chapped and dry, while the sticky summertime heat tends to make us as sweaty as spin classes.

But it's not just the outdoors that can wreak havoc on your face. These days just about anything can affect the look and feel of your skin: stress, nutrition, overall health, and even some medications. Since healthy, clear skin will always be de rigueur, we've put together a collection of our best skin-care tips. Take control of your worst skin problems and face the world with a fresh-looking face, neck and décolletage.

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Hard-to-remove makeup will lift away with our favourite cosmetics-dissolving products. These formulas are totally tug-free, leaving your face cleansed with no irritation.

Look young and beautiful with these skin-care tips
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The face is the front line of the aging-skin war as we do close combat with droopy eyelids, age spots, lines, and wrinkles. Signs of aging also make themselves known in other areas, most notably the neck, chest, and hands. The neck can sag with age, creating bands of wrinkled skin or neck wattles. Skin on the chest is extremely thin and often exposed, and it's not uncommon to see older women who've spent a lot of time in the sun with crepey, blotchy, wrinkled skin in their décolletage. The hands are exposed not only to the sun but also to chemicals such as those in dish-washing soap and bleach, often resulting in wrinkles and visible blood vessels.

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No two people have identical skin. In addition, the condition of your skin can vary from week to week and day to day, depending on the weather, your diet, your emotional state and your general health. Picking the right makeup for your skin type can prevent further problems and make the most of your complexion.

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When it comes to aging, there are certain realities we just can't fight. No matter what we do, our skin will age and like it or not, wrinkles are waiting for us. But we can slow the process down. These great skin-care tips will show you how to attentively care for your skin and adopt a realistic and regular skincare regimen, to maintain healthier, younger looking skin for longer.

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Best skin-care tips