How to make your wardrobe great

How to make your wardrobe great

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How to make your wardrobe great

Did your mother urge you to clean up your desk by chanting "messy desk, messy mind"? Now you're wise enough to know that statement is true. But did you know, even though it's hidden behind closed doors, a similar mantra should apply to your closet?

"An organized closet is an organized life," says Julia McEwen, assistant style editor at Canadian Living magazine. "When my closet is in turmoil, my life often follows suit.

Having a neat and tidy closet will showcase your clothes rather than simply storing them. It allows you to see all the great piece you have, and without the clutter it allows you to see what goes well together without even trying it on."

A great way to keep your closet organized is to record what's in there. Simply fill out this downloadable template with photos and information about your clothing and accessories, and you'll be able to plan out what you'll wear every day. There's even a space for you to record your favourite outfits – perfect for getting ready for a job interview or holiday party.

Here are some more helpful ways to keep your closet (and your life!) organized:

1. Make all items visible
If you can't see that fabulous blazer in your closet, how will you remember to wear it? Keeping everything in plain site will help you make use of all your clothes.

2. Don't be afraid to purge
Every year or so, go through your closet and discard or donate items you haven't worn in over a year. This will keep your wardrobe a manageable size and selecting pieces for an outfit will be a breeze.

3. Your closet needs regular care
"I do a mini tidy session once a week, usually the same day as laundry day," says McEwen, "just to make sure everything is hung up and folded nicely."

4. Think ahead
Lay out what you're going to wear the night before. "This prevents me from digging and messing up my closet every morning," says McEwen. And just think, being this organized will allow you to hit snooze one more time.

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How to make your wardrobe great