How to update your hair for fall

How to update your hair for fall

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How to update your hair for fall

Nothing rings in a new season quite like a fresh hairstyle. After months of sporting hats and ponytails in an attempt to combat humidity, sun damage and smog, fall is the perfect time to try a whole new look or even just to take a break from your current hair routine.

To get a better idea of how best to liven up your locks this fall, we spoke with stylist Daniel Naumovski of Taz Hair Co. in Toronto. Whether you simply want to add a new style to your repertoire or you're looking for a major change, he offers his thoughts on the best looks to try this season.

1. Add texture
Adding texture and movement to your hair is a great way of making a change without doing anything drastic. If you're used to a pin-straight style, now is the time to add body.

"We've already gone through a few years of that supersleek ironed look," says Naumovski. "Sexy, textured hair will be very hot for the fall."

A good place to start is to ask your stylist for some layers, which will instantly create movement in your hair. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, try giving your flatiron a break by simply embracing what your hair wants to do naturally.

In addition to curls and layers, braided hairstyles can also add texture to your hair. "We're seeing combinations this season with some sort of braiding to add to the texture and movement," notes Naumovski. Try braiding a few small sections of your hair and leaving the rest as is, he suggests.

2. Try retro waves
Take a break from sleek and modern hair and give your locks a new look with retro curls. Retro styles have often dictated fashion and beauty, but this fall they also play a crucial role in determining the season's biggest hair trends.

"More women are asking for pinup waves or finger waves. They're keeping them a little tighter to the head, but with movement and a little bit of volume," says Naumovski. "It's controlled volume," he explains. "It's not big '80s hair."

Naumovski suggests using a round brush and blow dryer to create bigger, more sculpted waves. Rollers can also create retro curls, while gently combing out finger waves will help you achieve that much-coveted 1940s vibe. Finish your waves off with a glossing serum to add some shine.

Page 1 of 2 - Discover three more ways to update your hairstyle for fall on page 2.3. Opt for a deep, rich colour
While spring and summer saw lighter hues and in some cases even pastel-colour hair, Naumovski says autumn calls for richness. "Typically in the fall, bright colours and the pinks and pastels go away," he explains. "We're getting back into signature colours."

As for what colours to opt for this fall, Naumovski suggests tones that feature reds and chestnuts. These autumn classics will offer elegance and sophistication as the weather cools down.

"You dress up a little bit more in the fall, so that's why hair becomes a little more sophisticated," he explains.

4. Go short
If you're really looking for a major change, take it all off. In contrast to the feminine finger waves, chic layers and rich colours already mentioned, new-age androgyny also has a place this season - especially when it comes to short hair.

"The looks for short styles are almost androgynous," Naumovski affirms. "Fall's short styles have a more masculine edge to the perimeter, while the interior is more textured," he says. Think pop star Rihanna with her hair at its shortest or Miley Cyrus' new 'do. "The interior is very textured and soft, and the exterior has some sharpness to it," says Naumovski.

5. Do things differently
The easiest way to freshen up your hair for fall is to simply style it in a way that's the opposite of what you usually do. "Whatever you're rocking now, do a 180 and pull it the other way," he suggests. "That's the biggest thing that people can do for a look that stands out."

If you usually wear your hair up, leave it down. If you part your hair on the right, flip your part to the left and see what happens. The point is to shake up your routine in any way you feel comfortable, he explains.

It's easy to get stuck in a hair rut, styling your locks the same way for months or even years. As you refresh your wardrobe this fall, also think about trying something different with your tresses, whether that's just a simple flip of the part or a whole new 'do.

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How to update your hair for fall