Our 7 proven beauty solutions

Our 7 proven beauty solutions

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Our 7 proven beauty solutions

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Q | My complexion is very pale, so it's difficult for me to find a blush that blends into my skin. Is there a certain colour or product I should use?
-Megan Allard, Calgary

A | "When you have a pale complexion, it tends to show the pigmentation of makeup more intensely," says Sabrina Rinaldi, a freelance makeup artist with Judy Inc. "The way to combat this is to try blushes that are very pale in colour. Once applied, they'll most likely show up bolder than expected on pale skin, as it tends to be drier than darker skin tones. If this is the case for you, you can use cream or gel blush easily, without looking like an oil slick." She recommends using blushes that have a hint of pink with beige undertones.

Q | Can brushing your hair every day really make it fall out?

-Kristina Kartzalis, Toronto

A | "No, brushing your hair every day will not make it fall out," says Anthony Ingraldi, stylist and co-owner of Hair on the Avenue in Toronto. "Brushing your hair daily actually stimulates your scalp, thereby invigorating your hair follicles," he says. In other words, keep brushing for healthy hair!

Q | I love to wear eyeliner but I always have to reapply because I have oily eyelids. Are there any products or tips that can help?
-Kathryn Tucker, Vancouver

A | "If you have really oily eyelids, your best bet is to start off with a primer," says Vittorio Masecchia, a freelance makeup artist with Plutino Group in Toronto. Primer is designed to act as a base; it smooths the lids and helps colour adhere longer. Masecchia recommends using a waterproof eyeliner pencil or gel liner: "Look for products with a matte stay-put finish." After applying eyeliner, he suggests sweeping a deep-hued eye shadow over the liner using an angled brush – this helps set the liner so it won't smudge.

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Q | I have lots of hair, but the texture is fine. Whenever I curl my hair, it doesn't stay curled. How do I give my curls staying power?
- Darline Turner, Halifax

A | Ingraldi says, "To achieve a strong curl that will hold all day, you need to start with a strong foundation product. I recommend using a leave-in conditioner, a volumizing mousse and a light gel. Then finish by diffusing the hair." For extra mileage on your curls, he says, "get a small curling iron with a one-inch barrel, grab a couple of strands at a time around the iron, set the curl and go." The final touch: a lightweight hair spray, preferably an aerosol, says Ingraldi.

Q | I want to wear a bold red lip colour, but I'm intimidated. Can thin lips pull off a dramatic look?
- Lucy Klus, Stoney Creek, Ont.

A | "Everyone can wear a bold red lip – you just need to find the right shade for you," says Masecchia. It may take some experimenting to see which tones (warm or cool) work best with your complexion. "If you want a dramatic lip you'll need to pick either a deep or a vivid shade of lipstick with a satin finish," he says. Colours with a matte finish can make thin lips look smaller, so stick to a glossy finish. Masecchia recommends adding a dab of sheer gloss on the centre of your bottom lip to give more dimension.

Q | My lips always seem to be dry no matter what time of year it is. What kind of ingredients should I be looking for in a lip balm?
- Katie McKenzy, Ottawa

A | "If you have really dry lips," says Janine Falcon, a beauty expert in Toronto, "your best bet is to ditch the waxy stick balms in favour of one with a gelée or gloss-like consistency." Lock in moisture with products containing shea butter (which contains vitamins A and E), aloe vera, and plant oils such as olive, sweet almond and sunflower. She also recommends products that use cocoa-seed butter, honey, avocado and apricot kernel oils, and a little natural beeswax. "These ingredients will seal moisture in without feeling gummy on your lips."

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Q | I have unruly wavy hair, and I've been looking for products to tame the frizz and enhance the wave without getting that crunchy feeling. Are there any techniques and products that will help?
- Stephanie Gaty, Montreal

A | "Wavy hair tends toward dryness, so you need to start with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner," says Falcon. "If your hair is really dried out, use a weekly conditioning treatment." To define waves or curls and reduce frizz, she recommends using styling products designed specifically for wavy or curly hair. "Gel or mousse will give you more shape, whereas a cream will give you a softer finish." If you decide to cast aside the diffuser, Falcon cautions that air-drying your hair will result in crispiness, even with products that promise crunch-free results.

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Our 7 proven beauty solutions