The best summer makeup tips

The best summer makeup tips

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The best summer makeup tips

Summer's sticky, hot weather that can wreak havoc on your carefully applied makeup. Even if you love the hot, hazy days, your skin may feel differently.

Makeup application and removal require a unique approach during the summer months. Ashlee MacEwen, makeup artist and beauty expert at Shoppers Drug Mart, shares what looks are hot this season, how to apply makeup and how to get it to wash off.

According to MacEwen, summer makeup trends for 2011 include bronzed cheeks, luminous skin, metallic eyes and dark, bold lips. "For eyes, a palette of golds, bronzes and coppers will enhance any eye colour," she says. "For lips, a simple gloss will suffice during the daytime but to kick it up a notch for going out: A deep purple will make heads turn!"

Summer makeup tips

Switching to lightweight makeup products will help you achieve that fresh-faced summer look.

"The best and easiest way to lighten your makeup for the summer is to switch to a tinted moisturizer or an oil-free, lightweight foundation," advises MacEwen. Most cosmetic lines came out with foundations in their spring/summer collections that act as a 'second skin', she says, explaining that these products will even out your skin tone while still being light enough to allow your skin to breathe.

Alternatively, MacEwen suggests trying a mineral powder foundation. But read the ingredients list first, she cautions: "Some have synthetics and fillers lurking in them. You want it to be pure, so there should only be a few ingredients."

Oil-free products are summer makeup essentials. "Our skin tends to produce more oil in the summer, so pick these products to avoid breakouts and shininess," says MacEwen. "If your skin is normally oily, pick products like an oil-free, mattifying facial sunscreen and a compact powder to combat shine throughout the day."

And, of course, don't forget to look for products with an SPF that offers both UVA and UVB protection.

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Meltproof your makeup
To prevent your makeup from melting under the hot sun, use a primer.

"Primers lengthen the wear of your makeup, and some can even make your cosmetics waterproof," says MacEwen. "If you want to avoid layering products (if, for instance, you're prone to breakouts or sensitivities), wear waterproof mascaras, shadows, eyeliners, lip liners and blushes."

Makeup removal

Waterproof makeup may stand up to the heat of the sun, but sometimes it can be so stubborn, even your regular face soap and scrubbing won't rinse it all off. What to do?

"The best way to remove your waterproof makeup is with an oil-based makeup remover," says MacEwen. "Remove your makeup first, then follow with your regular skin care regimen. That should include cleansing, toning and using a lightweight moisturizer."

5 dos and don'ts for meltproof summer makeup
MacEwen offers up these tips to make your summer makeup look and feel its best:

• Do try skin primers. There are primers out there for face, eyes and even lips.

• Do wear oil-free, lightweight foundations or powders.

• Don't use products with synthetic and heavy ingredients such as mineral oil and lanolin. These can clog your pores and lead to breakouts. Plus they they can be too moisturizing, leading to excess shine.

• Don't avoid products with SPF because you think they may be too heavy. There are lots of oil-free options out there for your face.

• Do be creative with your products. These are only guidelines. Personalize your look to complement your style!

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The best summer makeup tips