The easy new trick for hiding blemishes and under-eye circles

The easy new trick for hiding blemishes and under-eye circles

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The easy new trick for hiding blemishes and under-eye circles

The au naturel makeup look is a major beauty trend this season and it's not going away any time soon. But in order to pull off barely there beauty, it's imperative one pays extra attention to her skin. That means choosing the right coverup for spotless perfection: Enter the concealer crayon.

Although a concealer in crayon form isn't an entirely new concept, more and more brands are launching their own versions. Jukka, Plutino Group makeup and hair artist, sheds some light on this under-the-radar wonder.

Crayon concealers can be used anywhere on the face that needs "a little more love and attention," says Jukka. The rounded tip accurately targets specific spots, while the side of the tip allows you to camouflage a larger area when the applicator is tilted.

It's also a no-fuss option for reapplying midday. "Crayons are compact, so no brush is needed," says Jukka, pointing out the product's greatest virtue. Since the formula doesn't differ dramatically from traditional concealers, it's the portability and functionality that makes crayons unique. If you're a woman on the go (and who isn't these days?), this is a must-have in your beauty bag.

For optimal use of any concealer, a good skin-care routine is recommended to ease application. "Well-maintained and hydrated skin needs less concealing, and the product won't settle into fine lines," says Jukka. He shares his top three tips and techniques for using concealer like a pro.

1. Choose your concealer wisely. Selecting the right texture and tone for your skin is essential to achieving a flawless finish.
2. Only apply foundation on the areas that need it and, for extra coverage, use concealer under the eyes and on blemishes and red spots. The on-trend minimalist face requires a less-is-more approach.
3. Use concealer on the eyelids to act as a base for eye shadows and liners. It allows the colour to set for long-lasting wear.

Ready to try your hand at applying the product? Here are our three favourite concealer crayon picks.

Blemish begone
This wax-based concealer has been around for years because it's easy to use and it effectively covers blemishes and redness. Available in multiple shades, the formula comes encased in a wooden pencil.
The Body Shop Concealer, $11,

Two heads are better than one
Double-sided and perfect for precise contouring, this crayon is essential for highlighting under the eyes and hiding flaws. It leaves a natural finish and goes on silky smooth.
Shu Uemura Cover Crayon, $32,

This environmentally friendly concealer from model Josie Maran offers full coverage while hydrating the skin with Argan oil. It's self-sharpening, so you can easily target problem spots.
Josie Maran Argan Creamy Concealer Crayon, $23,

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The easy new trick for hiding blemishes and under-eye circles