Transform your look with a trendy new haircut

Transform your look with a trendy new haircut

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Transform your look with a trendy new haircut

Get confident with a new hairstyle
"I just want to be a hot mom," says 26-year-old Shannon Holmes. For this Port Hope, Ont., resident, it's been a whirlwind year and a half filled with many firsts -- including buying a house, getting married and giving birth to her first child, Eleanor. Shannon was anxious and excited at the prospect of modernizing her style when she arrived at Pop Hair in Toronto. She was game for anything. "I'm going back to work soon and a new hairdo is the perfect confidence booster," she says.

Changing your hair colour
"Shannon's natural colour is on the drab side," says Sandro Zamparini, Wella Professionals artist and owner of Pop Hair. Shannon had a few scattered overgrown (and overprocessed) highlights, along with some other lingering colours. "Her chameleon-like neutral skin tone allows her to suit both warm and cool, and light and dark colours," says Zamparini.

He wanted to make Shannon's hair a lighter shade without going beachy blond, so he opted for a subtle sun-kissed blond. He started by slicing sandy blond highlights on an angle through the top layers of her hair. "No matter how she wears her hair, it's going to blend," explains Zamparini. The rest of her hair was coloured a rich brown with gold and copper undertones.

After the Wella Koleston permanent dye was washed away, Wella Colour Touch Toner was applied to balance out the highlights, and help develop the colour and pump up the blond slices.

Getting a new haircut
Shannon's former cut was off-balance, says Zamparini. "The fringe is missing fullness and the layers are crooked," he says. "It's technically just off." Zamparini suggested a strong, blunt cut ending at her jawline, with a bit of texture through the ends to break up the heaviness and add movement. "It's not just another standard bob," he adds.

After five inches were snipped away, he started working on the focal point of the style: her fringe. To bulk up Shannon's existing baby-fine bangs, additional hair was combed forward and cut. To play up her cheekbones, Zamparini cut into the sides of her fringe on a sloping angle.

"Sandro did an amazing job. I love my hair!" says Shannon. "Not only did the cut make me feel sexy, but he also gave me a fuss-free style that's easy to maintain."

This story was originally titled "Snip/Tuck" in the June 2012 issue.

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Transform your look with a trendy new haircut