5 great ways to wear pants and skirts this fall

5 great ways to wear pants and skirts this fall

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5 great ways to wear pants and skirts this fall

While shorts may have been a staple for the past few months, it's time to add a few more bottoms to your wardrobe. From skirts to jeans, we have the scoop on what items to add to your closet this fall and how best to wear each one.

To help us better understand what bottoms to shop for we asked Toronto-based fashion designer Rachel Sin which styles we should gravitate toward and which ones we should leave behind.

1. Dressier denim
If you've been living in faded denim and ripped jeans it's time to move on – or to at least add something new to your repertoire. "Seventies styles, including acid-washed jeans and ripped jeans are out," says Sin. Rather than opting for yet another pair of casual jeans, the richer fabrics and deeper hues of dark denim are the best choice for fall 2012, she explains.

If you're not ready to let go of summer's coloured denim trend, don't worry, there's no need to give up on the look. Just err on the side of sophistication.

"Bright-colour jeans are still on trend, but go for a more polished look for fall," advises Sin. Sport a boyfriend blazer and wedge booties with your red or coral jeans or pair a black sheer button-up and oxfords with dark skinny jeans for a fall-ready take on denim.

2. Top-notch tailoring
No matter what style of pants you pick up this fall, it's important to tailor them, stresses Sin. "Purchasing pants and not hemming or altering them to fit your height, weight or body shape is the biggest mistake most of us tend to make," she explains. "Ready-to-wear items are not meant to fit every body type and alteration is often necessary for a tailored fit."

The key to ensuring your pants fit perfectly is deciding how you'll wear them. "When hemming pants, bring heels with you so the tailor can measure the exact pant length," says Sin. "After pants are hemmed, they aren't meant to be worn with various heel heights, so stick to the heel height your pant was hemmed for."

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3. Rule-breaking skirts
If your skirt collection contains a wide range of styles, you can consider fall 2012 your season. "This fall and winter, there are no rules for skirts," Sin maintains. "We're seeing many styles, from floor length, mid-length and short, to various trends, like pleated, neon and lace. Fitted and flared skirts are also still on trend."

If you're hoping to embrace a specific autumn trend or focus your attention on just one or two pieces, consider purchasing a peplum skirt, which, according to Sin, is the must-have skirt for fall. "A fitted skirt with a ruffle at the waist will enhance your curves and accent a skinny waist," she explains. "The peplum draws the eyes to your waistline, making the waist seem smaller and giving more volume to the hip line."

4. Longer, more formal shorts
Despite the dropping temperature, there's still plenty of room for shorts this fall. You can easily pair a pair of shorts with a blazer to create a less casual and more professional feel.

"Wear shorts as part of a chic suit set or with a longer boyfriend blazer," suggests Sin. "I love the look of shorts with a blazer – it's such an unexpected combination of dressy, yet laid-back cool." However, be sure to choose shorts that are long enough to be seen under your blazer, she adds.

"Shorts can even transition through winter with a pair of opaque tights," she adds. To add an edge to your shorts and blazer look, the designer recommends adding a pair of open-toe ankle booties.

5. Versatility
While peplum skirts, dressier denim and a good tailor are staples this autumn, Sin also stresses the importance of finding an option that will work with more than one outfit and in multiple situations.

"Invest in a bottom that is versatile and can be styled with various blazer lengths," she advises. For example, a pair of skinny jeans works well with everything from oversize boyfriend blazers to slouchy sweaters, while trousers go hand-in-hand with 1950s-inspired button-up blouses, crisp white shirts and tailored jackets.

You can also evoke a vintage look by pairing a high-waisted pencil or peplum skirt with a simple T-shirt for a casual look or with a button-up blouse for something more office appropriate.

This fall, have fun with skirts, shorts and pants, erring on the dressier side and, most important of all, making sure they fit right!

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5 great ways to wear pants and skirts this fall