Free Cookbooks and Relaxed Cooking Recipes!

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Free Cookbooks and Relaxed Cooking Recipes!

Spring has sprung, has made me happy and put me in a generous mood.

Once again it's time for my favourite thing: a no-work-no-strings-attached COOKBOOK GIVE-AWAY!

I was able to source fifteen hot-off-the-presses celebrity cookbooks for my foodie community courtesy of Random House.

All Foodie-file subscribers are eligible to win a Cookbook, you do not need to be a new subscriber. If you are not subscribed all you have to do to get in on the fun is click the word e-mail under the e-mail icon emailfeedicon on the Foodie-file blog page.

In honour of fast approaching Mother's Day, my first Cookbook selection is a chef who's popular with the ladies,Curtis Stone's newest cookbook Relaxed Cooking with Curtis Stone . Wouldn't you love this as a Mothers Day gift for yourself? Or it would be a great treat for any lady in your life.

picture-21Once a week for the next five weeks I will give away a copy of Curtis Stone's cookbook to five lucky subscribers that have been randomly drawn from my list of subscribers, there is nothing more for you to do but read and find out if you've won!

When you subscribe you will receive the Foodie-file in your inbox whenever I have a new posting. Have the Foodie-file e-mailed to you so you can learn about new foodie finds across Canada, what goes on in the Canadian Living Test Kitchen, the latest foodie trends in food and drinks, ongoing giveaways, great recipes and answers to your burning foodie questions from a food expert - me!

Relaxed Cooking Featured Recipe I will be featuring my own choices for relaxed recipes over the next 5 weeks from the Canadian Living repertoire. My first choice is for Slow and Easy Java Ribs. An easy rub over these ribs and refrigerating overnight develops tons of flavour. Cook these ribs slowly for meltingly tender results. You may think coffee is a strange ingredient but it's perfect in a meaty marinade - try it you'll like it!

Keep reading the Foodie-file, I have ten more copies of two other fantastic newly released celebrity cookbooks to follow the Curtis Stone give-away!

Good luck and I look forward to meeting you at the Foodie-file!

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Free Cookbooks and Relaxed Cooking Recipes!