Cultural Cuisine of the Month dinner party

Cultural Cuisine of the Month dinner party

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Cultural Cuisine of the Month dinner party

Next time you're thinking of serving your tried-and-true chicken casserole to a welcome group of dinner guests, try thinking outside the (recipe) box. Gathering for a meal with family and friends is a tradition that transcends cultures, from Italy to Guatemala. Consider your next dinner party an opportunity to explore another culture and plan around an ethnic theme.

Creating an exotic menu allows you to cook and eat foods you may never have tried before. Maybe you've always wanted to try some Caribbean-inspired dishes, or you're just sick of paying for your Chinese takeout. Either way, cooking it yourself will bring you closer to the culture that you are trying to emulate.

More importantly, giving your party a theme suddenly turns it into an occasion. Here are a few elements you'll need to make your dinner party out of this world – or at least out of this neighborhood.

The Menu
First and foremost is the food. Surf the Web, or check out some cookbooks to find yummy traditional appetizers, salads, main courses, side dishes and desserts that you can mix and match depending on the number of guests or type of meal (i.e. sit-down, cocktail, etc.) you're having. To really appreciate a new cuisine, the more dishes, the better (Psst: Check below for ready-made menus from the Canadian Living Test Kitchen and our sister site, Homemakers.com).

The Decorations
Add a few visual clues and allow your guests to guess what part of the world they'll be dining in tonight. It doesn't take much. Use a Mexican blanket for a tablecloth, or play a CD of traditional Indian music. Even easier: Decorate in the colours of the region's flag – ie: red, white and blue vertical stripes for Thailand, solid red and stars for Morocco.

The Knowledge
Your cultural exploration shouldn't end with the menu planning. Do a little background research on the area where your meal originated, and wow your guests by serving up information along with the first course. Look for interesting or quirky facts, not just population statistics. Let your dinner companions get up from the table having satisfied their bellies and their minds.

With a little planning your party will be a huge success, and soon they'll want to return the favour. Why not make it a monthly event. Start a 'Cultural Cuisine Club' and have one member host each month. Soon, Tunisian stews and Balinese satays will have a place in the recipe box, right beside the long-forgotten chicken casserole.

To help you get started, check out some easy ethnic menus from the Canadian Living Test Kitchen:

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Cultural Cuisine of the Month dinner party