10 healthy (and delicious) apple recipes

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10 healthy (and delicious) apple recipes


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If you don’t know all the nutritious reasons you should be eating apples, read up on the top 10 reasons apples are great for your health. Unfortunately, when we cook with apples, we don’t always use them to their full nutritional potential. To start, we often peel the apples, cutting out many of the nutrients that are found in the skin. Then, we typically add loads of sugar, turning them into cakes and pies, or smothering them in caramel. But these little superfoods are some of the most versatile fruits around and don’t have to be covered in sugar to be totally delicious. Their sweet flavour makes them the perfect addition to granola or oatmeal, mixed with a little cinnamon. They can be sliced and added to wraps or sandwiches, and their crisp texture makes them a delightful topping for salads; they can even be cooked into soups! Whether you’re wondering what to do with all the apples you picked at the orchard, or just trying to increase the servings of fruits and vegetables you get in the average day, try these healthy apple recipes that will keep you satisfied all day long. Chewy Apple Berry Smoothie

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Breakfasts 1. Chewy Apple Berry Smoothie 2. Applesauce Bran Muffins 3. Apple Oatmeal  

Chard and Apple Salad (Photography: Ryan Brook)

Salads 4. Chard and Apple Salad With Bacon Vinaigrette 5. Cabbage Apple Slaw  

Creamy Parsnip, Celery and Apple Soup (Photography: Ryan Brook)


6. Creamy Parsnip, Celery and Apple Soup 7. Pumpkin Apple Soup 8. Apple Chicken 9. Havarti, Chicken Salad and Apple Wrap   Baked Apples

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  10. Simply Delicious Baked Apples  


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10 healthy (and delicious) apple recipes