Fitness exercise: 4 great moves for a toned body

Fitness exercise: 4 great moves for a toned body

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Fitness exercise: 4 great moves for a toned body

Doesn't the thought of exercise just make you want to put on your sweats and sit on the couch? Easing your way onto the fitness and exercise bandwagon may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. Here, our fitness experts share some of the best exercises that you can practice in the comfort of your own home, with a friend or at the gym.

Find out the secret to lean, sexy legs – and five easy fitness exercise moves to tone and shape your hamstrings and thighs. Then, learn how to get sleek, strong arms in just 20 minutes. You'll be showing them off in your bathing suit and strapless dresses (or in front of the mirror) in no time.

Check out a proven exercise that will strengthen your glutes so you'll look fabulous in your favourite pair of jeans. Lastly, one of our fitness experts shows you how you can strengthen your core – leaving you with sexy abs (and a stronger back).

Here are four proven ways to get fit – fast!

Photo gallery: Easy exercises for great legs

Here are 5 easy exercises for lean, hot legs.

The secret to lean, sexy legs is resistance training. However, many women shy away from lifting weights with their lower body because they're afraid they'll bulk up. No need to worry. Strength training, combined with a well-balanced diet and regular cardio, will tighten, tone and – yes! – slim your lower half, and give you the look of longer legs. Check out fitness expert Pam Mazzuca Prebeg demonstrate easy exercises for great legs.

Photo gallery: Five steps to sleek, sexy arms

These moves will give you awesome arms in just 20 minutes.

Our fitness expert demonstrates five great exercises that will give you fabulous, toned arms. Just do this workout three times a week and you’ll look – and feel – great.

Strengthen your glutes and hamstrings

This simple exercise can be done anywhere. It's great for your hip rotators and glutes.

You rely on your deep hip muscles for nearly every activity. When they're weak or overworked (possible even from sitting too long) they can tighten up, making your knees, hips and back feel stiff and even causing lower-back pain. This move helps reduce that stiffness, which can limit your ability to walk, bike, swim or climb stairs with ease and agility. It also helps strengthen and tone those gluteal and hamstring muscles that contribute to overall hip strength and stability.

Improve core stability

This exercise works your back, abs, shoulders and glutes.

This move targets back and deep abdominal muscles, shoulder girdle muscles and glutes. Together they are responsible for a strong, stable core, which helps you perform daily activities with ease and low risk of back injury. Since this move enhances spinal alignment and posture and helps strengthen and stabilize the muscles and joints that act directly on the spine, shoulder girdle and pelvis, it is ideal for anyone who has a weak back or cannot perform abdominal curl-ups due to lower-back problems.

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Fitness exercise: 4 great moves for a toned body