Our best health and fitness tips

Our best health and fitness tips

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Our best health and fitness tips

Are you looking to boost your health but not sure where to start? First, drop the notion that workouts have to be dull and repetitive to be effective. Our illustrative photo gallery offers the latest in fun fitness trends – you'll be finding local classes and gathering your friends to join along in no time at all.

Our second article can help you discover which of the six most common fitness personalities you have. This is a must-read for any woman who loves a good workout, but may be feeling a little bored by the same routine. Here you'll find fitness tips and workout recommendations tailored just for your specific personality type.

Is your busy lifestyle is the main deterrent keeping you away from a solid workout routine? Read about our on-the-go plan that will keep you fit no matter where you are, or how limited your time is. Best of all, these effective exercises don't require you to buy any new equipment, so you can do them whenever the mood hits.

Last up: Keep your health and fitness motivation strong! Experts dish on keeping (or finding) fitness momentum to help you lead your strongest, healthiest life.

Photo gallery: 5 amazing health and fitness trends

Tired of your usual fitness routine? Here are 5 hot fitness trends that will boost your weight loss.

Are you suffering from a stagnant fitness routine? Can't seem to break through a weight-loss plateau? Still searching for love at first sweat? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it's time to step outside the conventional world of treadmills and step class to reinvigorate your love of exercise.

6 fitness personalities: Which one are you?

Forget slaving away at exercise you don't enjoy. Find your health and fitness personality and we'll show you your perfect workout.

There are as many ways to get cardiovascular exercise as there are ways to move your body, so expand your horizons. Look for opportunities to move your body whenever you can. Not sure where to start? I find that most clients have a certain "fitness personality." They are (not surprisingly) attracted to activities that jive with who they are. It sounds like common sense, but most of us don't think of fitness that way.

Fitness on the go

6 go-anywhere exercises you can do while on vacation or at the office -- no equipment required!

You've worked hard to develop a respectable level of fitness and now you see your summer holidays looming and think, "Can I find the time to keep this up?" Or you've just begun a particularly busy time at work and you wonder, "Can I get by with less?" The answer is yes!

Remain on the health and fitness train

Three steps to get back on track when a motivation slump derails you.

So many of us make plans to lose weight, eat better and decrease stress. We tell ourselves that, starting tomorrow, things will be different. But when it comes to starting a new health and fitness plan, for many, it's a challenging proposition. When motivation starts to drop – fear not. An energy injection is as easy as one, two, three. Here's how to get back on track when a motivation slump derails you.

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Our best health and fitness tips