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5 ways to boost your confidence

5 ways to boost your confidence

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Mind & Spirit

5 ways to boost your confidence

Have you lost your sparkle? Are you feeling irrelevant? Do you need to remember what it was like when you were fun and had something to talk about other than spreadsheets, dirty diapers or the latest reality TV show?

If you need a confidence booster or just want to feel sexy again, then check out these five tips for getting your swagger back.

1. Stimulate your body
It’s a no brainer: If you get up and get moving, your body change for the better – along with your confidence. But it can be easy to lose motivation, so ditch the step class and go one step further by trying something you normally wouldn’t. Be it a salsa-dancing, Scottish country dancing or glee club choreography, getting out of your comfort zone helps kick your complacency to the curb and boost you mind and body in ways you might not expect.

2. Stimulate your brain
Community colleges, universities and schools across the country offer great continuing education classes where you can learn everything from cake decorating to IT management. Just like how doing a crossword puzzle everyday helps prevent dementia, mastering a new skill pumps you up and keeps you vital. And you never know when blueprint reading, that plumbing certification or food and wine pairing might come in handy.

3. Kick start your system
Changing something as simple as what you eat for breakfast can have a huge impact on your physical well-being, and in turn your confidence. Nutritionist and author Theresa Albert swears by “superfoods,” saying they can give you the energy surge you need to stop feeling blah and start feeling great. Hint: Loading up on superfoods in the morning will help keep yourself feeling balanced for the rest of the day.

What is a superfood? Any food that’s power jam-packed with nutrients. Here are a few superfoods you can start incorporating into your diet now:
• Yogurt
• Oatmeal
• Salba
• Hemp Seed
• Cinnamon
• Blueberries

Check out our recipe section for some great meal suggestions containing these tasty ingredients.

4. Start a side business
Whether you’re good at making greeting cards or are handy with a hammer, starting a part-time business forces you to get up and get creative. Plus, it keeps you social and stimulated while earning some extra cash – and that’s always good for a confidence boost.

5. Volunteer
It’s plain and simple, helping others makes you feel good about yourself. Collaborating with others, be it on a fundraiser or community initiative, can bring out skills and interests you may not even known you have. Plus, there’s nothing more empowering than knowing you are important and can make a difference.

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Mind & Spirit

5 ways to boost your confidence