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Help for fear and anxiety disorders

Help for fear and anxiety disorders

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Help for fear and anxiety disorders

Feelings of fear and anxiety happen to everybody once in a while: getting ready for your first day at a new job, trying to navigate the streets of an unfamiliar city, or waking up to a commotion in the house. For someone suffering from fear and anxiety disorders, these feelings happen frequently and can last hours – or days – at a time. The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health says 1 in every 4 Canadians suffers from anxiety disorders, many of whom wait years before getting a diagnosis.

We've put together a collection of articles full of expert advice to help you feel better. Get inspired by three women who have faced mental illness and now have peace in their lives. For daily anxiety fixes, be sure to check out our photo gallery of 5 easy ways to destress. You'll also discover the physical symptoms of anxiety, plus find 28 instant ways to relax.

How to face anxiety, panic attacks and depression to discover inner peace

Learn how three strong women faced mental illness to find complete and fulfilling lives. Plus, the best Canadian resources to turn to for help when battling mental illness.

Award-winning Canadian broadcaster Valerie Pringle readily recalls the moment at which she felt the deepest admiration for her daughter. It was several years ago, when Catherine Pringle, now 28, went back to work after taking time off to deal with anxiety and panic attacks. Her employer wasn't aware of her illness, and Catherine wasn't sure if she should disclose it.

Photo gallery: 5 ways to beat stress and anxiety

Easy ways to take care of yourself and lower your stress – mind, body and soul.

Stress can be brought on by a number of factors. Whether it's facing big changes at work or at home or dealing with day-to-day anxieties, we live in a world where stress has become a part of our quotidian lives. Identifying triggers and avoiding them whenever possible is the first step in battling stress but as the old saying goes, prevention is better than the cure. So, instead of waiting for stress to build up to an unmanageable point, try these ideas that'll help you loosen up and lighten up before it all becomes too much to handle.

Fear and anxiety disorders: The physical symptoms

It's not just in your mind: Anxiety can give you headaches, make you sick to your stomach, or worse. Find out how you could be worrying yourself sick.

We all know what anxiety feels like: A pounding heart, sweaty palms, upset stomach. Maybe your boss just called you into her office, looking grave; maybe you just got an unexpected phone call that spells bad news. Regardless of the trigger, the physical symptoms of anxiety can literally make you sick. But while you can't always stop stressful events from occurring, you can control your reaction to them.

28 tips to help you relax instantly

Follow these pointers to ease life's pressures.

Remember those bubble bath commercials that promised to take away all the day's cares and worries? Well, no one's denying that a nice long soak can do wonders for lowering your stress level, but it's not likely you have a whirlpool in your office or a standby babysitter who can drop in for an hour while you get your equilibrium back.

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Mind & Spirit

Help for fear and anxiety disorders