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Top 10 ways to clear clutter at home

Top 10 ways to clear clutter at home

Author: Canadian Living

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Top 10 ways to clear clutter at home

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Avoid buildup: When you leave a room, tidy up and put everything back where it belongs.

2. Read mail when it comes in. Toss junk mail into the recycle bin, file bills and shred any identifying items to help prevent identity theft.

3. Donate all unused, unneeded items, even that new juicer that’s still in the box.

4. Recycle outdated newspapers, catalogues and phone books. Keep only this month’s magazines.

5. Store puzzles, craft supplies and crayons in clear plastic containers.

6. Go through every cupboard in the kitchen, tossing expired items like the six-year-old oregano.

7. Storage solutions abound, so invest in a simple one that works for you.

8. Take 15 minutes at the end of each day to organize your home office. File papers, delete unnecessary e-mails and organize your work for the next day.

9. Clean out your bedroom closet. Donate clothes you have not worn in a year; keep only the classics.

10. Set up a three-ring binder system for warranties, recipes, business cards and receipts.

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Top 10 ways to clear clutter at home