Eat more fruits and veggies

Eat more fruits and veggies

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Eat more fruits and veggies

Recipes and Articles that will help boost your family's nutrient intake.

Why colour code your diet?
Canadian Living dietitian Fran Berkoff shows you the health-promoting nutrients that give fruits and vegetables their colour.

Chicken Fajitas
This kid-friendly meal, packed with veggies, takes only about 20 minutes from cooking the chicken to rolling up a family-pleasing supper.

10 sneaky fruit and veggie tips
Canadian Living readers reveal their best secrets for getting kids to eat their 5 to 10 a day.

Fruits and vegetables: A buying guide
How many bananas make a pound? When is broccoli in season? Here's help.

Click on any of the collections below to find dozens of delicious recipes featuring fruits and veggies!

Fruit divine
Enjoy delicious fruit-filled desserts any time of year.

Fruit and vegetables: 10 tasty twists
Getting your five to 10 has never been more delicious.

Veggie pleasures
Fall in love with the taste of vegetables cooked in the healthiest way.

Great Canadian grill guide: Vegetables
Try these flavourful accompaniments -- a great way to get your five to 10!

Veggie delights
Seven vegetarian main dishes that will have even meat lovers asking for more.
Read on to learn about selecting certain fruits and vegetables, their nutritional breakdowns and still more great recipes.

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For more on selecting and storing certain fruits and vegetables, as well as breakdowns of their nutritional value, read the following selections from our Get your 5-10 a day series:


Get your 5-10 a day: Apples
Find out why an apple a day really does keep the doctor away.

Get your 5-10 a day: Cherries
Enjoy the nutritional benefits of this tasty fruit.

Get your 5-10 a day: Cranberries
Reap the benefits of this healthy berry with our serving suggestions.

Get your 5-10 a day: Grapes
Learn why grapes make a nutritious, heart-healthy snack.

Get your 5-10 a day: Peaches
Find out why peaches pack a powerful punch.

Get your 5-10 a day: Pears
Enjoy all the vitamins and nutrients that pears have to offer.

Get your 5-10 a day: Plums
Learn how to choose and store this sweet and juicy fruit.


Get your 5-10 a day: Carrots
Raw or cooked, this delicious veggie is rich in beta-carotene.

Get your 5-10 a day: Cauliflower
Get more vitamin C and fibre by incorporating cauliflower into your diet.

Get your 5-10 a day: Corn
On the cob or in a dish, corn is a welcome addition to any meal.

Get your 5-10 a day: Eggplant
Learn how to select, store and prepare this nutritious veggie.

Get your 5-10 a day: Red Peppers
Pick a peck of peppers for a nutritional boost.

Get your 5-10 a day: Sweet Potatoes
This yummy root veggie offers both great taste and tons of nutrition.

Get your 5-10 a day: Tomatoes
Learn about the nutritional benefits of tomatoes.

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