Foods that boost fertility

Foods that boost fertility

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Foods that boost fertility

Eating healthy foods can often help boost fertility. Foods rich in protein, essential fats, minerals and vitamins are must haves when trying to conceive.

The following are a few nutritional superstars that women can include in their diet to help boost fertility.

1. Iron-rich foods
Including heme iron in your diet by consuming chicken, salmon or red meat can help improve and maintain the health of a woman's eggs, thereby increasing her fertility rate. Organic meats are best when trying to conceive.

2. Raw nuts and seeds
Walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, almonds, hemp seeds, flaxseeds and chia seeds are all rich in omega-3 fatty acids, iron, zinc and vitamin E, all of which have been shown to help support fertility.

3. Dark green leafy vegetables
Greens such as spinach, kale, collard greens and arugula are great to incorporate into your diet as they are filled with fertility-supporting vitamins and minerals. Vitamin B6, which is found in high amounts in dark green leafy vegetables, has been found to help with hormone regulation, supporting fertility.

4. Cold-water fish
Cold-water fish are filled with omega-3 fatty acids (eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid), which can support cellular health and hormonal balance. Some cold-water fish to consider including in your diet are mackerel, salmon, herring and sardines. Try incorporating these fish options two to three times per week, in addition to taking a distilled, enteric-coated fish oil supplement.

5. Eggs
The high-quality protein found in eggs makes them extremely beneficial, especially when it comes to supporting fertility.Fertility-boosting foods for him
For men, there are several foods that can help promote healthy sperm. Here are three of the best to boost fertility.

1. Pumpkin seeds
Zinc is one of the most important minerals for men when it comes to boosting fertility and it is found in high quantities in pumpkin seeds. Zinc has been shown to enhance the overall quality of sperm and increase sperm levels. Men should throw some pumpkin seeds into a salad, wrap or smoothie to increase their zinc intake. They can also try replacing peanut butter with pumpkin seed butter to use on toast or with cut-up veggies.

2. Citrus fruits
Vitamin C, which is found in high amounts in citrus fruits, has been shown to help with sperm mobility and quality. Men should consume foods such as lemons, grapefruits, oranges and limes to increase their vitamin C intake.

3. Brazil nuts
Selenium, a mineral that is found in excess amounts in Brazil nuts, has been shown to increase sperm count. Men should eat about eight nuts three times a week to ensure a high selenium intake.

Foods that may harm your fertility
There are also some foods that should be avoided when trying to conceive. These include:

• processed foods;
• excessive amounts of sugar;
• caffeine;
• soy (unless it is fermented, such as tempeh and miso);
• artificial additives; and
• alcohol.

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Foods that boost fertility