Prevention & Recovery

13 remedies for women on the go

13 remedies for women on the go

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Prevention & Recovery

13 remedies for women on the go

1. Pack a pair of Damn glamorous champagne gold flats  to pop on after a night on the town when you just can’t bear to take another step in your heels
Damn heels, $55,

2. Beat the 3 p.m. slump and prevent hunger-induced crankiness with a tried-and-true energy booster, such as a Larabar or peppermint tea.
Larabar, $2.50,

3. A small jar of Vaseline lip therapy might just be the hardest-working item in your handbag. It can help soothe minor cuts, scrapes and burns; protect skin from windburn; prevent diaper rash and chafing; and relieve dry, chapped and cracked lips.
Vaseline, $2,

4. Calm a scratchy throat with the menthol, eucalyptus and pure made-in-Canada honey in honibe Honey Lozenges .
Honey Lozenges, pack of 10, $4.50,

5. A pair of fine-tipped tweezers makes removing splinters, shards of glass, ticks and other pesky stingers a whole lot easier.

6. Include a small package of your go-to antihistamine or pain reliever, such as Midol or Aleve (from $6 each, at drugstores), to curb unforeseen flare-ups.

7. Keep hands squeaky clean and soft with purse-size aloe-infused Exact Antibacterial Wipes.
Exact Antibacterial Wipes, $2,

8. If you’re always on the go, it’s not always easy to, well, go. Metamucil Fibre Wafers are premeasured bites that offer a convenient way to get an extra serving of psyllium fibre.
Metamuscil Fibe Wafers, box of 56, $19,

9. An iPad Mini, good book or magazine will help you maintain sanity when faced with inevitable lineups and delays.
iPad Mini, from $329,
Case, $40,

10. A quick spray of nonaerosol antiseptic Polysporin Poly to Go will help prevent infection and temporarily relieve the pain of minor cuts, scrapes and burns.
Polysporin Poly to Go $8,

11. Vitamints are an easy way to top up your daily vitamin intake. The mints come in a portable tin and are tailored to your needs, be they more energy, greater immunity, enhanced focus or stress relief.
Vitamints, 60 tablets, $9,

12. At the first sign of a cold sore or fever blister, apply Lip Clear Lysine and Cold Sore Treatment. It’s an all-natural remedy that is clinically proven to cut healing time in half and reduce burning and itching.
Lip Clear Lysine  and Cold Sore Treatment, $11.50,

13. Keep a personal medical card close. Include your food or drug allergies, medical conditions, blood type, prescription medications, medical insurance information, and emergency contacts (including your doctor’s name and number). Carry it all in the whicket bag.
Whicket bag, $235,

This story was originally titled "Pocket-Size Remedies" in the May 2013 issue.

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Prevention & Recovery

13 remedies for women on the go