Prevention & Recovery

Health and fitness video collection

Health and fitness video collection

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Prevention & Recovery

Health and fitness video collection

Searching for an effective workout? Need an easy way to remember portion sizes?  Want to know how to do the downward dog once and for all? You'll find the answers to all of your health and fitness questions, right here in our collection of health and fitness videos.

Our variety of fitness videos have everything you need to get toned and trim. Follow along with fitness experts Pam Mazzuca-Prebeg and Maureen Hagan as they guide you through two different 6-week workout routines. If you're looking to target a specific body part, such as your abs or thighs, you won't want to miss our individual fitness videos. You'll also learn the top 5 workout mistakes women make, and improve your form as Pam guides you through exercise done the correct way. And when you need a break from conventional workouts, freshen up your fitness routine by including our instructional yoga videos in your repertoire.

Plus, don't miss our nutritional videos, in which experts show you how to make better food choices, along with expert interviews on the subject of weight-loss.

Weekly fitness routine videos
Pam's best workout - Part 1
Pam's best workout - Part 2

Pam's best workout - Part 3
Pam's best workout - Part 4

Pam's best workout - Part 5

Pam's best workout - Part 6

Boot camp fitness - Week One
Boot camp fitness - Week Two
Boot camp fitness - Week Three
Boot camp fitness - Week Four
Boot camp fitness - Week Five

Boot camp fitness - Week Six

Fitness videos
Your boot camp-style total body workout

3 squat exercises
3 push up exercises for killer abs
3 plank exercises

5 exercises to tone your triceps
5 new ab exercises

5 effective ab exercises
6 steps to amazing abs
Low-impact workout: 4 easy exercises
Toning trouble spots: Amazing thigh workout
Fitness how-to: Step-ups
5 common fitness mistakes
Expert workout moves
An amazing at-work workout

Yoga videos
3 yoga stretches
Yoga 101: Sun salutation
4 relaxing yoga poses
2 easy yoga twists
6 yoga poses you can do anywhere

Nutrition videos
How to control your portion sizes
Discover the calorie count of your favourite drinks
Village on a diet: How to make healthy, hearty soup

Weight loss videos
How to lose your baby weight
5 weight loss rules

Village on a Diet

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Prevention & Recovery

Health and fitness video collection