Prevention & Recovery

Quick and easy activities for a healthy heart

Quick and easy activities for a healthy heart

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Prevention & Recovery

Quick and easy activities for a healthy heart

You've got only one heart and it plays a huge part in both your mental and physical health. So why not take care of it properly with the basics of a classic, healthy lifestyle: nutritious food and regular exercise.

Eat heart healthy foods
There are lots of easy ways to add heart healthy foods to your diet. Try sprinkling some nuts atop your lunch salad. Hazelnuts, pecans, walnuts and almonds are some tasty favourites. Nuts have been proven to lower cholesterol, so your heart will thank you for the boost.

Do you have a bit of a sweet tooth? Feel free to indulge in a little treat of dark chocolate. It contains flavonoids, which will help lower your risk of heart disease.

Activities for a healthy heart
You don't need an elaborate exercise regime to boost your heart health. Simple aerobic activity is a great way to reduce stress. Take your family to the local community pool and go for a swim. As a total body workout, swimming will boost your muscular strength and endurance.

Or, go for a power walk. It doesn't matter if it's outside at the beach or indoors at a mall, walking will help prevent high blood pressure.

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Prevention & Recovery

Quick and easy activities for a healthy heart