The family guide to sleep

The family guide to sleep

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The family guide to sleep

There's a lot to know when it comes to everyone in your family getting their zzzzs.

Sleep deprivation in pregnant women
Why pregnant women frequently wake up at night, and tips for a better night's rest.


The American Academy of Pediatrics has recently revised its advice on how to avoid SIDS. Please visit for the new guidelines.

Baby's sleep needs
How infants sleep, and how to tailor your patterns to his needs.

Infant sleep patterns
What to expect from your newborn -- what sleep stage they're in, what can wake them, and how to help them sleep.

The down-to-earth guide to getting more sleep
Start with healthy habits. How to get your baby to bed the right way (and have them sleep longer).

For kids:

A toddler's peculiar sleeping habits
How to get your toddler to settle down and stay in bed -- and what to do about night terrors or nightmares once he gets there.

To sleep, perchance
How sleep deprivation affects children's brain development, grades, nutrition, and safety habits.

Sleep makes kids smarter
And safer, and calmer, and more creative... studies offer reasons for kids to bed down earlier.

Goodnight, sleep right
How to give your children more sleep.

How much sleep do kids need, anyway? Find out in Children's Sleep Needs.


Teen's sleep needs
Here's how much teenagers need, how to (try) to get them to sleep, and common sleep disorders.

Diagnosing sleep problems
Having trouble sleeping -- or major trouble staying awake? Read this before you go to the doctor.

Sleep problems and the female life cycle
How stage of life -- from premenstrual to menopause -- affects sleeping habits, and what to do about it.

Sleep apnea
"The snoring disease": what it is, and what to do if you think you have it.

Sleep and body clocks
How to reset your body clock.

Sleep aid alternatives
Non-medical alternatives to sleeping medication.

5 ways to conquer a sleep-stealer
Reader's tips about how to sleep with an annoying partner in the bed.


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The family guide to sleep